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Jan 29, 2008

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Clear Channel eliminates Orlando-area traffic reporters

Ok...time to set the record straight - again. DaytonaDude - you obviously are ignorant about the situation, and your comments are mean spirited, and I'm thinking that there's some jealously involved by your tone. Either that or there are other, larger issues at work. My company, Clear Channel, the largest radio broadcasting company in the world, is undergoing a sale, and is cutting staff deeply across the country. The slashing continues every single day. I was one of 14 people that have had to pay the price here in Orlando. Clear Channel is eliminating live shifts here in Orlando and elsewhere. After being the #1 personality in middays in Orlando for years, I now find my self part time..and I'm voice tracking my shift on Magic. In plain English, that means, I'm not live on the radio - I've recorded the shift the day before, etc. Fortunately, I also record shifts for 3 stations in 3 other markets aside from Orlando, and including Lite Rock 99.3 in Melbourne. Jobs are being eliminated by Clear Channel, and those left are also dealing with double duty and no extra pay. It's a tough time in the local radio business right now with Ipod and satellite radio listening. It's my chosen field. I'm trying to make it work for me in 2008. It isn't easy. Now, to answer to your rude comments about 'Brenda matthews about all her spa treatments, if she didn't spend all her time doing that and talking about it maybe her full time job wouldn't be terminated", obviously you don't have a handle on this business - again the BUSINESS - of radio. My 'spa' services, that you refer to, are a bonifide part of my job. I'm sent to a spa by our sales department to tour, and to have a service done that I can talk about on the air, and eventually give away a gift certificate to a listener. As for Lasik, I endorse the Filutowski Cataract and Lasik Institute, and yes, they pay me, and yes, I believe in the client. I have turned down clients that I don't feel comfortable endorsing. This is all part of your job when you're in the business. Maybe, DaytonaDude, you should check out the facts before you spout off. That's what ignorance is..not knowing the facts. As for you, 'Concerned'..Magic is the #1 station not only in Metro Orlando, but in Volusia county as well. If you don't listen, odds are, you aren't a Person 25-54, or a female 18+. If you aren't..we don't program to turn the dial..that's what it's there for! Stop and think about what you write here. Stop and think that there are real people involved, and that they have reputations and careers to protect, and we work hard at what we do, too. Radio is a fun job - that's one of the perks, but it's a tough road right now, as in a lot of other businesses. Brenda Matthews, Magic 107.7, Magic 107.1, Lite Rock 99.3, and Sunny 99.9.  (Jan 30, 2008 | post #20)