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Jul 3, 2008

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Cleveland, GA

Best Restaurants??

I'm heading to Cleveland on Monday... Any suggestions for good places to eat! Last time I was up, we at at Yonah Burger... that was the BEST burger I have ever had. Thanks in advance!  (Jul 5, 2008 | post #1)

Rockmart, GA

Polk BOE

Why would you say that? I do live in Rockmart... but I don't know what that has to do with anything. Wrong is Wrong... no matter where you live.  (Jul 4, 2008 | post #98)

Rockmart, GA

Polk BOE

I can see why you might think that MSO4... but I don't use these forums to tear somebody down or ruin a career. I would never post someone else's name on a public forum and participate in the flogging! I think it is very sad that so many people would think it was appropriate to do that... and if I am offending someone then remember... The truth only hurts if you are on the wrong side of it!  (Jul 4, 2008 | post #96)

Rockmart, GA

Polk BOE

There are some real jerks on this forum. You stand behind your screen names and post a teacher's name, then blast her with a lot of hearsay. Chickens... all of you! Post YOUR names on here and let's see what happens. If you have a serious concern or knowledge that her personal life is effecting her students... then take it to the board. If not, then SHUT UP and GROW up! Good Grief!  (Jul 3, 2008 | post #94)