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Jun 5, 2008

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Geoffrey Bodine

Bodine fends off Busch for win

i am a racecar driver and can drive just as good as kurt or kyle busch...smooth and let it all hang out....trail brake and keep loose car going fast....heel toe on Watkins Glen and would destroy them except for Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon.... give me a chance and I will show you I can beat most of drivers in any series at Watkins Glen or Sonoma. Contact me at [email protected] and we can make arrangements. I am an ardent fan of racing but I am everything you could ask for in a driver and can watch drivers weaknesses and get around them. If you know a team that could use a good driver who is in his 30's and has nice decent look to represent company and get people to buy their products then let me know.  (Jun 15, 2008 | post #1)