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Apr 28, 2013

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Do you want to learn how to build a website

Do you want to learn how to build a website? then you have to continue reading, I will teach you on how to build a complete website, and how to make money from your website. I will send a video that will teach on how to build a website, I will also give you the software which you will use to build your own site, as you are watching the video you will use the software to practice what you have learned, all you need to start with is a laptop and a 4000 naira fee for the package. If you have a laptop and you want to learn how to build a complete website then send the sum of 4000 naira to the below Bank account details. Diamond Bank Plc Acc name: Michael Gabriel Acc number: 0006436587 After payment send name and email address to this number 07037797329, as soon as we confirm your alert we will forward the package to the e-mail address you sent to us. Brought to you by Bravest!inc.  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #1)

get nigeria most active email addresses&software that you...

BRAVEST: what Do you want us to do for you? VIEWER: I want Nigeria most active e-mail and software. the software should be able to send 1000 mails at a send let it have the power to delivers into the inbox of any mails e. g yahoo, G mail, AOL, Hotmail etc. BRAVEST: OK then we have exactly what you are looking for. VIEWER: Hope you will provide me with everything i need to send the mails to it user? BRAVEST: YES. if I may ask What do you want to use it for? VIEWER: for advertising, business and important information that will be of benefit to the user. BRAVEST: OK then view the below price list and how we would send your package to you. PRICE LIST. Price. 0. 10 million e-Mails address for 6000 naira. Price. 3. 20 million e-mail address for 10000 naira. Price. 6. 30 million e-mail address for 12,000 naira. PAY INTO THE BANK INFORMATION BELOW. Diamond Bank plc Acc name: Michael Gabriel Acc number: 0006436587 AFTER PAYMENT After payment text price and your e-mail address to this number Text or Call: 07037797329. A link where you will download your package will be sent to your e-mail address. OFFICE ADDRESS Grace land plaza beside Ochie Micro Finance Bank, at Ihegwa Imo state Nigeria. TO YOUR BENEFIT Send your email to this MAIL [email protected] . com} so you will enter our advert mail list that will profit your life your business and everything about you. Remember to give use your most viewed email. BUYERS WARNING No sending of scam message to the e-mail user, or anything that will be harmful to the user. Brought to you by Bravest. inc!  (Jun 6, 2013 | post #1)

travel to qatar now and make good money

get your 5 years visa to qatar. yes get your (5) five years working visa to qatar, i mean your five years working visa to qater, a house where you will stay for 2weeks before you rent your own is already provided for you. all you need do now is getting your international passport, your bta, and the fee to get your visa that all you need to get to qatar. no more no less call me for more info: 08093216492  (May 9, 2013 | post #1)