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Jul 7, 2012

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Moultrie, GA

Is Willis Orchards UpRooted?

I have lived in Colquitt county all my life and when Willis orchard nursery opened up in Berlin Ga, just up the road from Moultrie, I bought a few trees from Jason Willis and his mother Cynthia Reid. I knew Cynthia, when she worked at the American Banking Co in Moultrie. The fruit trees looked OK for the first 2 years, except the pecan trees died the first year. After taking the dead trees over to Berlin they replaced the trees with pecan trees, that I later learned from a neighbor, were not grafted but were seedling pecan trees. At the time they told me the replacement pecan trees were grafted, unlike the ones that I originally purchased from them. I knew Jason and his crowd of friends before he moved back to Moultrie. After several years being away, somewhere else, Jason returned and went into business outside Moultrie, growing and selling pine trees with another local family, the Hildebrandt family. After a few years this business folded and Jason sued his childhood friend and financial backer Kristoff Hildebrandt for damages, then he moved off somewhere else again. Local friends know about Jason's past spotted record that has included child abandonment, serial sour divorces, alcohol and drug arrests. Now Jason is moving off somewhere else again after the sale of his ritzy Moultrie mansion with pool, located at the corner of dogwood and cherokee to Elizabeth Jeter. Jason's overnight, quick fortune made from his mail- order business has been followed by an unending stream of mounting complaints from upset mail-order customers sent to the BBB and investigators from certain State of Georgia Governmental agencies. Willis has also recently mortgaged his mail-order company in Berlin, to South Georgia Banking Co. that financed him on a mortgage for over $150,000.00 hoping to save his company from a final collapse. Topping out financial losses as reported and published by the Moultrie, Observer was the arrest for theft by Willis Orchard's outside manager, longtime friend, and confidant, Garrett Adkins, of $40,000 through forged checks The rapid decline of Willis Orchards revenue began 2 years prior when he tried to sell his nursery online after overwhelming losses, taxes, fines and legal problems, a hopeful sale for an unrealistic, fairytale lottery price that fell on its face- still another failure in the Willis portfolio. This act of moving and locating his business and family to Euharlee, Ga., just outside Cartersville, as reported on the internet will close still another epic episode of reality dodging, failure, disgrace and denial,  (Jul 7, 2012 | post #1)