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Sep 21, 2012

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Sulphur, OK

Tribute to Under Sheriff Tom Allen

In my life I like to stop for a moment take a breath and look back at where I came from and how I got to where I am at today. This tribute is to a man, a father and a Sheriff I met 20 years ago. To a man who changed my life. It was a warm fall day in 1992, and I had been up all night driving a rental car to Texas. I had $15,000 under my spare tire and the sweet smell of cocaine on my mind. Cocaine was my drug of choice and my blood shot eyes propped open with steel rods trying to make it to Austin, so I could make my big drug deal and get my next fix. In those days I did not think about getting caught on the sensational feeling of getting to the next high was what was driving me. Here I was a cocky 21 year old kid spiked hair rolled up jeans and a joint behind my ear. No one would catch me. I ended up getting pulled over and hauled in on conspiracy to posses a dangerous controlled substance. That is where I met Tom. I never did rat on my drug dealer in Austin, but Tom sure did try, after about 4 hours of getting yelled at and thrown up against the wall a few times the mutual respect of a rational convict and a Sherrif merged. Tom respected me in a way that someone who knows honor could respect someone. Don¬ít get me wrong Tom was tough on me, but I could see it in his eyes that he knew I was a good kid mixed up in something I did not belong in. After time sitting in the county jail I began to look up to Tom and admired the way he carried himself. He truly was an old pissed off cowboy who loved his country and his family, and if you caught him the right moment you could get a glimps of the soft hidden interior of a hard man. Tom told me when I was released to find a good women, get married and raise a family. I told Tom that I would do just that and I promised him in 20 years I would contact him. I have a 15 year old son a beautiful wife and a business degree now with a great job. I wish that I could tell him in person, but as I have learned Tom is no longer with us. These words of gratitude will have to do on this forum. I hope this finds his family and lets them know how grateful I am to have met Tom Allen Under Sheriff of Sulpher County. The next time you visit his grave site could you please put a pack of Marlboro red cigerates on his grave. He bought me a pack and I told him that when I seen him next I would pay him back. Your Friend Brad Young  (Sep 21, 2012 | post #1)