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Aug 1, 2013

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Whittier, CA

Montebello man killed in gang-related shooting

Both you foolz got it twisted, you got the wrong homie in mind- bald? Travieso ain't bald headed nor does he drive a white BMW. I honestly think you would second guess you're own comments if you actually had the right Person in mind. Cuz from the sound of it You foolz got it twisted. The person you just described isn't remotely close to the real Travieso from VNE.  (Aug 7, 2013 | post #1160)

Montebello, CA

Montebello man killed in gang-related shooting

Robert.... DAAAAAAAAMN HOMEBOY!!!!! You're a down ass Motha'f**kin' gangster, ain't you... I mean sh*t ese, As I was browsing through the INTERNET(HAHAHAHA! !!!!), I seen how thugged out you really are fool... I seen how u be terrorizing foolz & how you be Bangin' on your enemies all loco like, over the WEB fool! That's some gangster ass sh*t. I mean we all know how dangerous of a place the internet can be fool - F*ck tha' streetz, real gangsters bang online huh Roberta? Your just all loc'd out fool... I hope you have enough sense to recognize sarcasm when it's being thrown directly at u. So check it out ese, this is on the real homeboy, you must not have much sense at all fool... Either that or you're just a poop-butt and must be really new to tha' game. Cuz if you knew any better, you'd know that it's a serious "No-No" and not to EVER make fake accusations about a homie like that. Especially about a Good- Solid homie like the homie "TROUBLE ". Serrio pedo, I've known the homie "Travieso " for a very long time. You should watch what the F*ck You say, that type of talk will get you in a serious wreck chump. The homie has put in more work than you could even guess- From inside the Joint to outside on tha' streetz. I think you might wanna reconsider what the F*ck You were saying ese. You also might wanna learn more about the people you're talking bullsh*t about before you say anything. Do you really realize what type of sh*t you really are saying ese? Do you know what type of consequences come wit starting fake ass rumorz like that??? Check it out Robert, I know exactly who you are and know exactly where you live. I don't give a F*ck about who you wanna internet bang on fool, go ahead and get your thrillz off that sh*t as much as you want, but understand that some sh*t you say is way more serious than other sh*t. And if that type of sh*t is said than you must be held accountable for it. Check yourself Robert, it's the smartest thing you can do right now.  (Aug 2, 2013 | post #1151)

Montebello, CA

Montebello man killed in gang-related shooting

RIP LIL JOE  (Aug 1, 2013 | post #1146)