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Jun 18, 2013

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N. Korea Proposes High-Level Talks With Washington

Deliberate instigation of nuclear madness in Korean peninsula And at this moment South Korean military declare they are ready to strike a blow against Northern Korea preventively. What foolishness! Our authorities' preparations for the next military aggression against Pyongyang turn into deliberate instigation of nuclear madness! But it is nothing less than their grievous crime against own people! I'm sure it can be only our so-called friends from Washington, who put the screws on Seoul now. Remember! It was Americans, who have cut off high-level peace talks (the first in six years) initiated by Pyongyang by stepping up US-South Korean military exercises with deploying US nuclear submarines in the region ( ews/pacific/north- korea-changes-). That has forced North Korea to defend itself against what it sees as a US nuclear threat! Thus, it becomes clear that disturbance of reunifying the Korean peninsula is a major goal of Washington. And it looks like the USA does all possible in order a peace treaty would never be signed between our peoples!  (Jun 18, 2013 | post #3)