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Sep 27, 2007

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Science / Technology

Is schizophrenia an infection?

This is an interesting story but having a great aunt who has this since the age of 16 I think is more in the genes. On her side of the family there is other family members with mental illness bipolar passed down and this has been in the family for many years so it would be great if it was otherwise not genetic but I think it is.  (Feb 4, 2008 | post #272)

Boston, MA

man arrested in Worcester for killing 3 month old son

Stories like these really piss me off what a coward to beat a 3 month old baby. I like a few minutes with this scumbag..See how he likes to be beat. We need tougher laws in Mass like life in prison for this crime.  (Nov 6, 2007 | post #1)

Boston, MA

Armed Robbery Leaves Victim Critically Injured

the owner get's shot and all the thief got was $80 it pisses me off these thugs don't give a shit who they hurt. they need to get a job. and stop hurting innocent people.  (Nov 1, 2007 | post #1)

Boston, MA

Woman held in stab death

this is exactly what happens when someone gets killed and people know both the victim & the accused. It happened to me also. I want to know why no one ever called 911..if this girl felt so threatened dial 911 instead of taking matters in your own hands. now she will serve time in prison for taking a life.  (Nov 1, 2007 | post #81)

Boston, MA

Woman held in stab death

I've been through the same thing but hr got life w/out parole if you ever need to talk I can relate to your family 100% you can leave me a message on myspace page s0529 I have anxiety & ptsd over it please feel free to talk. To me it still feels like it happened yesterday and it was 11yrs ago.  (Oct 31, 2007 | post #42)

Boston, MA

Woman held in stab death

there is something we are missing here? was she on drugs or did she have a mental disorder? why would she scream for people to leave her house or they will get stabbed? I can say one thing she will do prison time. my friend was murdered bya male friend of ours and it was brutal he got life w/out parole. Even though he was a friend at the time someone I trusted he took away a life a childs mother from that day on I hate him and he should rot in hell for all the pain he caused many people. The victims family is forever changed mentally/emotionally it is not easy to loose someone to a senseless killing. One thing my friends did was make me stronger but I also said goodbye to other friends who were in denial about his guilt to the point they were visiting him /writing etc. that was it for me because it could of been there child w/ out a mother.  (Oct 31, 2007 | post #25)

Immigration Reform

How should the US deal with Illegal Immigration?

I think that we need to take care of our veterans before we lend a hand to other countries. There is no need to have homeless veterans on our streets. it really angers me if someone fights for this country they should be respected for it. Enough of the bullshit they need to be noticed instead of forgotten. my papa WW11 and 30yrs in the national guard also other family members who have served.  (Oct 16, 2007 | post #1234)

Boston, MA

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parishioners mark three years in t...

I live in the neighborhood and churches that people love and are dedicated to shouldn't have to pay for the sins of the priest and thats what happened here. It's a beautiful church with many faithful parishoners it should never been closed.  (Oct 15, 2007 | post #1)


Attack On Autistic Boy, 11, Videotaped

some people just suck...they can care less what hurt or pain they cause on another.  (Oct 11, 2007 | post #5)

Boston, MA

Man tied to 2004 fatalities again charged with giving tee...

this guy is just an idiot..he didn't learn his lesson the first time.....  (Oct 11, 2007 | post #2)


Attack On Autistic Boy, 11, Videotaped

it pissed me off what cowards & bullies we have out there to pick on a boy with autism was very wrong to do as a punishment these cowards should spend a day at a school for autistic children. Last week a mentally challenged neighbor was punched in the face by this thug,coward,bully. .the teens in the area get a kick out of teasing him because he gets so high strung. I let it known how pissed of I was. when I approached the group of guys they acted like who,what happened I said the kid was a bully & coward to hit chris knowing the kid wouldn't fight back the punk said shit.....  (Oct 10, 2007 | post #2)

Boston, MA

latino gangs and illegal immigration...

There was a meeting last night in my neighborhood and the issue of ICE was brought up and the latinos at the meeting questioned the raids. ICE went to our local police for there assistance with the warrants. The individuals that were apprehended had either a warrant for assault & battery, weapon charges or sexual assaults. The people had a violent past. There also has been gang activity here in the last week. It's crazy that people will harm or even kill one another for some lame reasons.  (Oct 10, 2007 | post #2)

Boston, MA

Manny's Homerun Ball found on Zakim Bridge

That was an awesome hit....  (Oct 7, 2007 | post #2)

Boston, MA

releasing autoposy result was cruel to do...

Obviously the person who did this horrible thing wasn't thinking about the children they were going to be hurting by releasing the results of the deceased fire fighters to the media. SHAME ON YOU HOPE YOU SLEEP WELL TONIGHT AFTER ALL THE PAIN YOU INFLICTED TODAY ON THERE CHILDREN.  (Oct 4, 2007 | post #1)

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