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Aug 8, 2010

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Criminal Defense Law

Congress looks at laws that criminalize non-criminal beha...

Parasite = criminal = pedophile = humanist = communist = terrorist !! OBAMA = STALIN= BUSH ...SOVIET UNION = UNITED STATES OF AMERICA And the last in respect to myself or what have taken place against me..from physical beatings, abduction, mental/physical on job tortures and all the way to over five years of forceful unemployment...mor e than 24000 jobs denied...never allowed to work according to level of education or professions as educated for. As it have happened to me not only can, but will 100% sooner or later take place against each and everyone of you ! Inform other people and make your community aware of what is happening ! Now ! Video Number 53 .com/watch?v=m16Wb t3jVI8&feature spree shootings in schools….gay parades….unemploym scandals...mass emigration..911... economy crises…our people dyeing in foreign wars…..everything explained here Video Number 8 .com/watch?v=X9-zb EtHcRo Video Number 43 .com/watch?v=Nxm5b XQz95M Video Number 44 .com/watch?v=YX4Wk K7lB7o Video Number 45 .com/watch?v=YkrtH zZvcn0 Video Number 46 .com/watch?v=OaKXE Q_7N0Y Video Number 47 .com/watch?v=9kSj7 ahQJf8 Video Number 48 .com/watch?v=WJJx6 6JPGjE Video Number 49 .com/watch?v=uO3kw 0zDFR4 THIS HAVE ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO ME:::SOONER THAN NOT IT WILL BE YOUR TURN:::GET READY !  (Oct 5, 2010 | post #1)

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THIS IS FORUM "Why have USA become communist Jewish state?" What Have Happened to Good Old USA or Why Entire World Hates It Today(USA - Terror State Against Own Population) Please don't comment before you see videos...I was so sick and tired of lies... American brainwashing while genocide is taking place against us infront of our eyes, that I decided to publish truth myself !!! USA have become disgrace for human race and as such shouldn't spread her mental sicknesses to other continents !!! By watching these videos you will learn why Europeans don't like USA and foremost and hopefully you will wake up from sleep(grave) in which your system have compelled you !! I lived 15 years in USA and got US citizenship, but what was done against me, places those Jews who are concentration camp survivors to zero point nothing ! THIS NEWS DOESN’T STOP WITH YOU, BUT AM ASKING YOU TO SPREAD ONE FURTHER TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN CONTACT !!!! BECAUSE WHAT WAS DONE TO ME…NOT ONLY IT CAN, BUT WILL 100% TAKE PLACE AGAINST YOU…YOUR KID AND THE REST OF THE FAMILY !!!!! OBAMA = STALIN= BUSH ...SOVIET UNION = UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Video Number 48 Video Number 49 "No bstrd ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bstrd die for his country." By Gen. Patton Video Number 8 Video Number 26 Video Number 41 Video Number 43 Video Number 44 Video Number 45 Video Number 46 Video Number 47 Parasite = criminal = pedophile = humanist = communist = terrorist !!