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Dec 12, 2013

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pmd u bro, bin pm'ing you yesterday but account was [email protected] so just made a new 1. cheers Biggavelli  (Dec 13, 2013 | post #10)

Anybody heard from stylie this week

stylie bro, u neva said if u were still on that same email the "nick2**0 " one, i sent a email to you on that addy last night but havnt heard anything back. also tried textin u bro, but no reply, can someone PLEASE pm me Stylies email addy hes using at the min, Stylie get in touch with me bro, if u still have my dappadon safe-mail addy. hope to hear from ya (or someone with his email addy) soon. u know im after ya ksalols bro. cheers. bigga  (Dec 13, 2013 | post #82)

Anybody heard from stylie this week

can someone please pm me stylies email, i think he must of changed it since this idiot above me kept harassing him. Stylie, get intouch with me bro, its bigga, u got my email still i. hope, the dappadon safe-mail one. cheers. @cats pyjamas, yea, point taken, but if u let your child loose on a comp without parental locks and that, they can get up to alot of things, and some ppl actually need the service certain ppl provide coz their drs wont. go hassle a brown, crack or coke thread man. bigga.  (Dec 12, 2013 | post #72)

Anybody heard from stylie this week

ii loomin knew it, my 2nd account [email protected] in a month. nevamind. anyway stylie, iv mailed ya on the n*c*2*80@** addy, hopefully your still on that one, if not email me on my dappadon safe-mail addy and let me know what u got in bro, im needin suttin bro. cheers. bigga  (Dec 12, 2013 | post #70)