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Jul 11, 2010

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Russell Springs, KY

Gay Marriage - Russell Springs, KY

Ignoring your point about homosexuality being against biblical teaching which is meaningless to anyone who doesn't follow the Bible, and if one did then 100% of Bible followers break most of the Bible rules on a daily basis (many of the rules are abhorrent even to the coldest person in the world), I tend to agree with you about the time wasted here. However, the person who started this thread with the first post is still the one who keeps it going, and she is extremely bigoted, abusive, and if her views were put into action, she might very well be committing a serious indictable crime. Many of us who come here are like the majority of computer users, we are addicted to the internet. This topic has an interest to a very few people, but we are addicted to it. Some of us are retired, disabled, and this is a way to pass the time, and in my case, since I abhor anything that reeks of bigotry and prejudice, I will speak out against it, when I have the opportunity. Not only does the person running this site persecute, or approves of the persecution of gays, but she is also one of a very small fringe group of Christians who still believe in 100% of the Bible stories when all churches in the world have now decided that some or many of the stories are myths, especially those which have been 100% disproved by science. Not a single biblical story that has any supernatural aspect to it has ever had a shred of proof found, and many of the stories have had definite proof found which makes the stories, absolutely mythical or just plain false. Personally, I don't have a car, a business, and am a senior, so though I have taken on some other hobbies (addictions) in the past couple years, I still find it interesting to check in here occasionally (that has become more frequent in recent months) to see if there has been any progress in the discussion, which actually there has not been. Can we assume that you must have spent considerable time here too, in order to know what has transpired since 2010?  (Apr 21, 2015 | post #38807)

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