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Jan 21, 2012

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Hurricane, WV

Tammy Sue Jones Lantz Midkiff

What are you hearing? I've known her for many years and she is a wonderful person. If it was a man sleeping around it would be OK but heaven forbid should a woman do the same thing. Tammy is a good person.  (Jan 9, 2018 | post #11)

Hurricane, WV

Tammy Sue Jones Lantz Midkiff

Jones is her maiden name. She's been married twice.  (Jan 9, 2018 | post #10)

Winfield, WV

Putnam hires company to consider schools tech efficiency

I agree. A total waste of money. Until parents voice their opinions at board meetings they will do things like that.  (Mar 29, 2013 | post #6)

Winfield, WV

Chris Coyner Maintenance Man Putnam County Schools

School employee faces federal gun charges The Herald-Dispatch Christopher Coyner CURTIS JOHNSON The Herald-Dispatch HUNTINGTON -- A maintenance worker for Putnam County Schools is off the job on medical leave, while he faces a federal firearms accusation. A criminal complaint charges Christopher Coyner, 44, with being a former mental institution patient in possession of a firearm. The complaint, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, alleges that Coyner pawned a .45-caliber pistol on Feb. 13 at a shop in Hurricane, W.Va.. He had been prohibited from possessing any firearm since August 2009 when he was involuntary committed to Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital in Huntington. Federal agents became involved in Coyner's case this month based upon accusations that he had been stalking his wife, who works as a legal assistant at the U.S. Attorney's Office. The complaint states she spoke to agents Feb. 14 and accused Coyner of constant harassment/stalkin g for several months. It further states that she claimed Coyner was addicted to the pain killer hydrocodone, The alleged victim had become increasingly concerned as Coyner had recently obtained handguns from his father's house with an intent to pawn them at area shops, according to the complaint. It states she worried her husband's renewed access to guns would lead to her being hurt or killed. Investigators secured evidence Feb. 14 that Coyner had possessed a gun at the Hurricane pawn shop. That led to his arrest on a state firearms charge by the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. Coyner was incarcerated at 6:20 p.m., Feb. 14, at the Western Regional Jail. He remained at the facility Wednesday on a federal detainer. The Putnam County Board of Education, at its Feb. 20 meeting, approved placing Coyner on a medical leave of absence, said county Personnel Director Barbara Brazeau. The leave will be paid for as long as Coyner has available sick time, she said. Coyner's case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of West Virginia in Clarksburg. The case is being investigated by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. My concern is how was he hired in the first place? If his dad is on the Board of Education he had to know Christopher's history. Why then would he allow his son to work in the school system around children with a mental history such as this? Can Jack Coyner honestly say what he did was in the best interest of the school children, as we would expect a broad member to do? What about Chuck Hatfield and Barb Brazeau where they aware of this? If they did not know then should we not expect more from them considering the high wages they receive.If they did know then, if you are a parent with children in this school system I would be concerned.  (Mar 6, 2012 | post #1)

Winfield, WV

Putnam superintendent gets new contract, raise

What has he done to deserve a raise. nothing i know of. Teachers do all the work. Bob hulll did most of his job while there now its someone else  (Feb 11, 2012 | post #1)

Scott Depot, WV

michelle may toler oxy head school teacher bound over to ...

Heard it's be going on for years  (Jan 21, 2012 | post #2)