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Aug 8, 2007

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10 Dumb Things About NASCAR

1. Brain-less France 2. Cookie cutter tracks 3. The Waltrip boys (someone needs to apply some of that 200 mph duct-tape to their mouths 4. The Chase 5. COT (aka POS) 6. Cookie cutter cars 7. No Southern 500 at Darlington 8. Races at CA 9. Lucky dog 10. Fans being screwed with the high cost of going to a race I could keep on, but I'll stop at 10.  (Dec 12, 2008 | post #202)

Edisto Island, SC

Edisto Beach vacation

For what to see or do on Edisto check out the info at this link: http://www.edistoc Just click on the "to do" link and follow all the links on that page for things to do here like boat tours of the ACE Basin, the Pink Van tours, relic hunting, fishing, etc. You'll enjoy the kayaking around here for there's miles and miles of creeks to enjoy. Hope this helps and enjoy your time on Edisto!  (Mar 1, 2008 | post #2)

Edisto Island, SC

Edisto Beach

Sorry, can't help you there.  (Aug 28, 2007 | post #4)

Edisto Island, SC

Edisto Beach

Yep, it's still there. I shop at it each week.  (Aug 26, 2007 | post #2)

Edisto Island, SC

'What do we want the future of Johns Island to be?'

I like that "Mt. UnPleasant".. . suits it well. What was once a nice peaceful village has grown into a monster of non-stop building, noise, traffic headaches, etc. And now, with all this growth, robberies are on a rise this year. We just moved from Mt. UnPleasant to Edisto to get away from the traffic and all the unpleasantness that goes along with it. Now we have no traffic headaches (not even a traffic light)... just the sounds of the marsh and the smell of pluff mud. Heaven.  (Aug 10, 2007 | post #93)

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Edisto Island, SC