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Aug 14, 2010

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Ocilla, GA

Irwin County BOE salaries $$$$$

Yes: but only if those supplements are tax-funded. Local supplements such as football and band booster monies paid to coaches and directors are not included since those monies are raised apart from the tax levy. The BOE members are included and are listed near the bottom of the scale since their salaries are $1100-1600 plus travel expenses. Take a look at the kindergarten teacher making $67,000 and the librarian making $72,000. Keep in mind that while they are off for the Summer, they can work on upgrading their degree and thereby get an automatic raise whether they are better teachers for it or not. Something has to change. I know we need qualified teachers but at what cost and do we really need a school psychologist @ $74,000 or a Title 1 Director @ $88,00: I thing not!  (Jun 17, 2012 | post #6)

Ocilla, GA

Irwin County BOE salaries $$$$$

Ever wonder how much the county school system is paying to its employees? Go to: At the home page, click on the left hand (green) panel for salaries and travel reimbursements. In the next window, you can check any of the last four years (2008-2011) by clicking on person, title or organization. Click on organization and then local boards of education. At the dropdown list, you can select any board of education in Georgia which is funded by the taxpayer. Select Irwin County Board Of Education and be prepared to gasp. Export the list to M/S Excel or some such spreadsheet. Sort column C from highest to lowest and notice how there are 10 people living on the taxpayer's dime in Irwin County making more than $80,000.00 for a nine month school year. You will be amazed at how much some of the teachers and principles are making : all of it paid by the taxpayer. Now you know why the teacher's parking lot is full of new vehicles.  (Jun 15, 2012 | post #1)

Ocilla, GA

Election Poll, June 2012 - Ocilla, GA

Always vote Republican.  (Jun 15, 2012 | post #1)

Fitzgerald, GA

Obama-Marriage - Fitzgerald, GA

I just believe same sex association other than friendship is WRONG!  (May 21, 2012 | post #13)

Ashburn, GA

I-75 speeding ticket

OcillaBoy, I too have never seen one of the posted signs regarding the "move over law". I understand there is one a good distance North of Ashburn but I don't know where. The law states that they must be outside their vehicle or have their flashing lights activated. I fought just this ticket in Laurens Couhty (Dublin) and won because the County deputy did not have his lights flashing. It was just South of Dublin on U.S. 441. He was parked at the Blue Water Baptist Church facing South. When the judge asked if he had his lights flashing and he couldn't remember for sure and it was "case dismissed" right then. The State of Georgia gets the first $500 of the fine and the City or County gets the rest. I believe with all my being that it is more about revenue than it is about safety or she would have issued a warning. After reading all these posts, I don't remember a single post stating they were just warned by the Ashburn or Turner County officers. It' all abou money!  (Sep 24, 2011 | post #208)

Fitzgerald, GA

car semi wreck in irwinville georgia

The WALB article says the "accident " happened at 2 PM. That is off by 1 hour. It happened at almost exactly 1 PM. A line of cars and a pick-up were stopped in the East-bound lane at the paving site near the bull testing station just West of Irwinville. The tractor-trailer with a load of lumber came down GA 32 and hit the stopped line of traffic goin full tilt. According to the Hispanic guy who was flagging traffic, the driver never applied his brakes until he had hit the first vehicle. Three people are dead because of this man. There are traffic barrels for 4 miles before you get to the crash site (all the way from the Turner County line) and yet he did not slow down at all. This is typical of most truck drivers. This man can not walk away from this scot-free. He must be punished for killing three innocent people and seriously injuring 2 more. There is no such thing as an "accident "! Allsocalled "accidents " happen because som block-head isn't paying attention!  (Aug 10, 2011 | post #16)

Ocilla, GA

What's wrong with the continent of Africa

Every time you turn on the TV news there is something terrible happening in Africa! There's famine, genocide, drought, aids, etc. There is always a "plea" for help for Africa. Why can't Africa take care of itself and stop looking to the rest of the world for "help". Africa, you created your own problems so deal with them and stop looking for handouts!  (Jul 21, 2011 | post #1)

Moultrie, GA

Immigration - Moultrie, GA

It would appear that you hate this area. Why don't you take your stinking pepper belly back to mexico where you will feel at home  (Nov 11, 2010 | post #27)

Fitzgerald, GA

Dorminy Medical

I had an accident with a shotgun some time back on a late Saturday afternoon. I had powder in both eyes and couldn't see well enough to drive. My daughter-in-law lived nearby and was a nurse at DMC. I called her and she assured me there was someone in the ER who could help me. She drove me to DMC and they washed my eyes out with a ph neautral solution. The doctor was a fat guy from somewhere in the Caribbean (?) who had an accent thick enough to cut glass. I could hardly understand him but he could speak English well enough to refer me to Tift Regional and Doctor Bret Wagenhorst who got all the stuff out that was inbedded in my eyes. The charge at DMC for what they did: $400 and it did not help at all. I'll go there to visit but will never trust them to help me again.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #10)

Warner Robins, GA

Barnes: Ga. election key to future prosperity

I remember so very well when king roy led the charge to change our flag even though 3 newspaper polls in Georgia showed 67% of the people didn't want it changed. He is a blood-sucking lawyer just like john edwards. He now wants to be governor again? How quickly he thinks we forget!  (Sep 9, 2010 | post #4)

Fitzgerald, GA

quran burning

I hope the Church in Gainesville goes ahead with the quran burning. I'll bet obama and Govenor of Florida Charlie Crist wouldn't have one word to say if some muslim mosque were burning Holy Bibles. It may not be politically correct to burn their quran, but it is the thing to do in this war between muslims and Christians. If I had one I would surely burn it!  (Sep 9, 2010 | post #1)

Fitzgerald, GA

Gay Marriage - Fitzgerald, GA

Unnatural.  (Sep 3, 2010 | post #91)

Fitzgerald, GA

Fitzgerald is going crazy!

Perhaps Fitzgerald and all the other cities in the U.S. should adopt the "shoot to kill" policy that South Africa has had to adopt. Crime is so rampant there that they have had to revert to some of the same policies that were used under the white controlled government. There is the Carlton hotel in Johannesburg that was once a 5 star hotel; now abandoned and in shambles. Guests were robbed, beaten and even killed so they stopped going there. It has no windows left intact and it was the largest hotel in all of South Africa. You can not rehabilitate some people, you just eliminate them.  (Sep 3, 2010 | post #6)

Fitzgerald, GA

Penalties handed down in "footbrawl"

I totally agree. You get in the coaches hip pocket, you get their attention. The schools should not have to pay any fine. The coaches are paid by taxpayer money too so the only good punishment for those clowns is to dock them 1 weeks pay.  (Aug 24, 2010 | post #10)

Fitzgerald, GA

boycott indian convenience stores

I don't think they issue EBT cards or welfare checks with that much $$$ on them so that is not a worry.  (Aug 23, 2010 | post #35)

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