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May 14, 2009

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Maricopa, CA

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Ernesto's comments are neither truthfull or factual. Mr. Taylor was Acting Police Chief in Huron when I was appointed City Manager. I negociated Mr. Taylor's resignation at the direction of the majority of the City Council. It is true that I left the City of Huron a few weeks after Mr. Taylor, and the City of Huron paid out my contract because the newly elected City Council wanted their own appointee. It is a real strech to say I floated around unheard of since I have lived in the same house for thirty years and am still employed as a City Manager in a California City. Mr. Pennie was still an employee of Huron after I had left employment. A complete background was done on both Mr. Taylor and Mr. Pennie prior to employment by the City of Maricopa. The information gathered during the background check was considered and reviewed. Ernesto plays with the facts and is incomplete with some of his information. It is true that some issues occured in Maricopa that I did not encounter in Huron or expect, but we have delt with some of those, and will continue to deal with any new information that comes along. Those that really know me, knows my character sense of fairness. I do not know Ernesto and would not make any assumptions of his honesty or background. I have learned over my career that just because someone claims to have been a peace officer, it doe's not assure integrety or knowledge of the law.  (May 14, 2009 | post #15)