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Apr 26, 2009

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Sentinel's interviews with Steve Barnes and Chris Dorworth.

Voters in Florida House District 34 should view the Sentinel's interviews with Steve Barnes and Chris Dorworth. Mr. Barnes is knowledgeable on the issues and is specific in his answers. Mr. Dorworth speaks in generalities and non-specifics, frequently saying "I don't know..." and even contradicts his own earlier statements. I e-mailed Representative Dorworth 6.23.08 seeking his assistance regarding inequities in Florida's “My Safe Florida Home Program,” as it impacted my homeowners insurance. Receiving no reply, I sent Mr. Dorworth a second e-mail on 6.27.08, finally receiving this, "I apologize for the delay. We're looking in to it. We should have sent you a note telling you were working on it. We should have something more tangible by early to mid next week." His Legislative Assistant, Sharon Spann, told me that "he cannot possibly respond to the thousands of e-mails he receives," after I inquired about his initial lack of response. I was also unable to get any response concerning Mr. Dorworth's future legislation – for or against - this program. Finally Dorworth's District Secretary, Carolyn Johnson, put me in touch with Cookie Kite in Alex Sink's office. Mrs. Kite spent over an hour on the phone working with me, wrote my insurance company on my behalf and was a pleasure to deal with. Of course Mrs. Kite, at the state level, does not receive "thousands of e-mails." I suggest that every voter view The Sentinel's candidate interviews as an aid in making informed decisions on election day!  (Oct 18, 2010 | post #1)


FL's insurance industry - Representative Dorworth - FL in...

Representative Dorworth, The Florida Public Service Commission is supposed to oversee the insurance industry. This bill is NOT needed. While you signed a Republican pledge to never raise taxes (Which means that you & other Republicans are not capable of making decisions based on the individual issues - one size fits all), this, in effect, is a tax. It gives the insurance industry a free hand to raise home owners premiums 10% without any justification or oversight. Mr. Dorworth (or is it Mr. Noworth), do you represent the home owners of Seminole County or Florida or the insurance industry? It seems that you represent the special interests that have caused so much economic havoc in our state and country. I still remember that your Legislative Assistant, Sharon Spann, told me last June - 2008 that you "could not possibly answer all the thousands of e-mails that you receive", when I inquired about the "My Safe Florida Home" program That statement told me how well you understand the meaning of the word REPRESENTATIVE. Cookie Kite in the FL Department of Financial Services was able to give me the answers I needed. I am sure that she receives many more e-mails at the state level than you do as my representative. Bottom line: You do NOT represent your constituents.  (Apr 26, 2009 | post #1)

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