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Jul 27, 2013

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Seattle Quality White Girl

i may be able to help hit me up chidoc77@hush dot com  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #2)

looking for the syzzurp in chicago. who has my lean!!

looking for a local lean connect. who has that szzzurp in chicagoland!  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #1)

Chicago scene

met with the chidoc abt 45 min ago. the stuff was pretty potent and i have a decent tolerance. just would like to say thanks for the hookup and see yah soon! peace livetoride420  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #8)

Hurricane, WV

american inn meth lab bust in hurricane

hopefully the methlab burns to the ground. or is dismantled.  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #6)

Hurricane, WV

trace creek drug house

sounds like your local lawenforcement A. either doesnt care B. are trying to watch and build a very strong case. or C. doughnuts have been on sale lately. so priority's have changed i hope the problem is fixed soon. one love livetoride  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #25)

Hurricane, WV

Zimmerman Trial?

leave it alone. this whole situation has gotten out of control  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #47)

Chicago, IL

Woman shot with rifle, 5 otherswounded in attacks across ...

its true. alot of Chicago gang violence doesn't make it on the news. regardless of black,white,Hispan ic etc they keep alot of stuff out of the news. for those of you who know what its like out here will understand what i mean.. there are kids that aren't even in high school yet. running around with guns on them.  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #2)

Chicago, IL

8 Wounded In Shootings Since Friday

so sad this city is soo violent. my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. or that have been injured in this senseless violence.  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #3)