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Jun 18, 2012

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What malice you show in your comment while hiding behind a name that does not represent you or belong to you. As an individual in the service industry of landscaping you have just biten the hand that feeds you. Do you realize that you have caused a witchhunt. A group of people who come from Florida have been accused of your comment. As adults that have more experience and own the houses that you wish to accommodate have now been made the Evil ones. Its a shame that you show no sensibility, detachment from your anger or have any form of humanitarian outlook at your work environment and show no ethical work habits. Your behavior in front of the Topix world shows us your underlying behavior towards others, your peers, family, work, and community as a whole. I am a member of a group of Floridians that come up here as much as we can to spend our money and make our homes look good. We hire individuals to landscape because we are at an age where it has become more difficult to accomplish or we do not have enough time. Remember Floridajumper the truth seeks everone out. I have learned from experience that the law of action and reaction is not ony for physics but relates very closely to human relations. Being happy is not a matter of destiny, it is a matter of options that one takes in their life. Take care of your thoughts for they become your Words, as you take care of your words they become your Actions, as they become your Habits, which in turn forms your Character. Take care of your Character for it will form your Destiny, Your Life. The Truth of all situation becomes the Happiness that you experience in your life's journey. Untruth becomes and festers into the many trials and tribulations you must bear because of your words.  (Jun 18, 2012 | post #8)