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Apr 18, 2009

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Asheville, NC

Arrests: Man charged with ramming woman's car

Hope he doesn't go in front of Ron Moore all he will get is a pat on the back  (Apr 18, 2009 | post #88)

Asheville, NC

sign the petition to remove ron moore from office

My sympathy goes out to you Ryan and your family. I lost my Son He was shot murdered and Ron Moore ruled it self defense. Thats because he is good friends with the Father of the Boy that shot my Son. I got a copy of the Autopsy and it states my Son was shot in the BACK self defense I DON"T THINK SO. I was told by one of the detectives that was on the scene that the boys father was on the phone with Ron Moore when he arrived . My sons case was closed befor it was a case. Thanks to Ron Moore my sons murderer is free no charges were ever filed  (Apr 18, 2009 | post #6)