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Apr 4, 2012


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Denver, CO

last post wins!

Well let me on your level. 50/50  (Oct 23, 2014 | post #26402)

Denver, CO

last post wins!

The whole world and everything in it.  (Oct 23, 2014 | post #26400)

Denver, CO

last post wins!

What do I win.  (Oct 22, 2014 | post #26394)

Dallas, TX

Which are worse- blacks or mexicans?

Neither.. how ignorant of you...  (Oct 22, 2014 | post #2)

Laredo, TX

How many wife's

Not very much in my opinion with married couples.but some do have the best of both worlds.  (Oct 22, 2014 | post #18)

El Paso, TX

I hate El Paso!

Well quit being a b**** about it and see your way out instead of showing how ignorant you are..  (Oct 22, 2014 | post #1691)

Artesia, NM

Gangs will never die. Only people.

there are so many gangs out there in so many parts of the states so thats kinda tru it will never die down it will jus multiply in big numbers and more bloodshed will occur..its jus how it is...  (May 18, 2012 | post #39)

Orlando, FL

This or That

arm around waist while walking. day or night...  (May 18, 2012 | post #5443)

Denver, CO

last post wins!

Gudmrng....  (May 18, 2012 | post #21006)

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