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Jun 22, 2012

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Brainerd, MN

Gay Marriage - Brainerd, MN

Here's abit about me: raised by mostly my mother whos greatly into the Christian umbrella after 16 years of taking her word for it I decided to start asking the right questions and who knew I would be pissing off people by my curiosity is me wanting to know the truth beyond one person's opinion would be testing the boundaries of my conscious mind...I've come to this conclusion beyond any man-made religous we humans can create they are still those who are perfectly content with being ignorance and closed minded (whatever floats their boat,right?)In my opinion its hard to use sin in a nonreligious context (u can try but I doubt u would succeed) man has always feared what is beyond his control so rather accepting it in love they wish to blow it to kingdom come. We are all God's children,created in love and in his image.I live in peace knowing my next door neighbor is possibly going through the same issues I am. For that we are no different,in the end we are born the same way,we will die the same way.I choose to see things in love rather than fear and ignorance....I believe I am a better person than what fear can hold me back from a true beautiful loving life experience.  (Jun 22, 2012 | post #6)