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Mar 26, 2013

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Ridge, NY

Do you know what your husband does behind your back?

Read about scumbag cheater, NYPD Detective, David LoCurto: I met David LoCurto on in 2007. We dated for almost five (5) years. During this time, he repeatedly said that we are monogamous. On October 3, 2012, someone told me that he got married In March 2012 and has always cheated on me. I asked him and he denied it. When I asked him about his wife, he said he was not attracted to her type – what a liar! I found out that, not only did he get married while we were together, he also bought a house. Although David moved, he continued to call me from his old home number to make me think he still resided there. David and I continued to being intimate while he was engaged and after he was married. I would not have slept with him if I knew he was dating anyone else, engaged or married. David told me he was renovating his house to move in with his parents, when in fact he bought a house and was living with his wife. David denied that he was married and kept saying that he was moving in to live with his parents until his wife “R” confirmed to me that they were married. I had no indication that David was seeing someone else, because, I frequently went to his house and saw no signs of another woman. During the years, David LoCurto dated his wife (then girlfriend) and I, he used his job as an NYPD Detective to help cover up his cheating. He pretended he was always working overtime and on holidays. When we went out, he would always stop by the precinct and said he forgot something there. Now, I know he was really stopping by the precinct to call his other girlfriend (current wife), to make her think he was at work. When he was with me, he would tell his other girlfriend (his current wife) that he was at work. When he was with her, he would tell me he was at work. This guy is a brazen cheater. He cheated and lied year after year. This guy is a charmer and will tell you he is only attracted to blacks, Hispanics, Indians and other exotic women, but this is a lie, because, his wife is Jewish. David is self-righteous and makes people think he is a moral person. So people should know his true character. He will say that I am crazy for doing this post. He is just like a criminal, when they get caught, they blame someone else. If people would expose cheaters, this might deter cheaters like prison deter some criminals.  (Mar 26, 2013 | post #1)