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Jul 15, 2012

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!!..Dmt , Lsd and DHC cheap

How did you come to that conclusion? Based on your personal experience? Scammer or not, I'm so sick of these people who think they are doing everyone a favor by discrediting anyone who post ads.  (Dec 19, 2013 | post #3)

Please point me to legit connect for rox or ox or pandas...

Lmao oh trust and believe hunny your not worth stalking. Nothing more than a mere coincidence, so don't flatter your self just yet... And I'll do and say how ever I please. Just as you have taken it upon your self to impose your untruth, and your hypothetical slandering on me. I am entitled to do the Same. ONLY difference is I'm the only one that is NOT making assumptions about other people's actions and intent. It's clear that you assume everyone on here is a piece of shit like you, this is how you spend your time, BASHING EVERYONE Legitimate and Scammers alike. You've become when you hate, when you tell lies by misleading others with your unvalidated info. It would be one thing if you were actually using the service and was bashing people that you had a ACTUAL bad experience, but everything you do is made up, just like a Scammer. Its obvious that your full of it.  (Dec 12, 2013 | post #13)

Please point me to legit connect for rox or ox or pandas...

That's so funny you think your comments amuse others besides your self. You must honestly spend all day here. Don't know if this thread is a scammers or not. It's hard to tell honestly, but I just can't believe you spend all your time bashing every person on here. Did you get picked on in high school? Or is it a reverse psychology, and you Pm them under other user name and solicit them? I mean Topix sure the hell ain't paying ya....  (Dec 12, 2013 | post #10)


WHO EVER SAID a legitimate person like myself or any of the few legit people are not scared or concerned about getting pinched on here? I think that is a ridiculous and in accurate information your telling him. What your should be advising him about is if he plans to take such a risk he needs to learn the signs of a real scammer vs someone legit , like dealing with any one who is a for a foreigner, anyone who won't provide additional personal info on themselves to verify they are who they say they are before you send them $$...and anyone who is stalking you and focused on the money aspect of the transaction. There are a few other things to look for like they have never done a face to face transaction in their local communities. That's what I would recommend.  (Dec 11, 2013 | post #24)


NO THANKS, I'll take my chances fighting to prove im legit before handing over my info to another silk road catastrophe... Did everyone forget when they shut him down they had access to everyone's info who ever used that site?  (Dec 11, 2013 | post #23)

Review of the only legit people I have found on here

Of course you wouldn't because it's a personal dislike and hate you have for me now. Changing your statement would mean your admitting you were wrong, Which you are ...And I think you know that too, which pisses you off even more. But if you were to admit that you were wrong in slandering me that would discredit your reputation on here and of course your Ego just couldn't survive such a atrocity. You will Never step back and humble your self to say your sorry. What's the fun in doing THAT anyways? Why would you want to look stupid in a public place for everyone to laugh and judge you. I mean let's be honest here ...the only reason you come here is for your own personal entertainment, to make fun of other people who you don't know. And it's easy to get everyone on the same side as you because everyone including my self dislike being taken advantage of. In today's society we've been conditioned to Judge others before they even had their day in court. Regardless if someone is innocent or guilty we as a society convict them before they even make it to trial, because of their color or where they grew up at, or because they hang out with a certain crowd. People are in prison today because of liars, because people need to have someone to blame.  (Dec 11, 2013 | post #143)