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Dec 29, 2010

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Summersville, WV

How doi tell my devout christian parents that I'm a satan...

Wow. All the responses here are BULLSHIT. No one answered her question. I would say find a good time to tell them when they aren't pissed off at something. Tell them calmly. Explain your beliefs, and tell them they can't comment until you're done explaining. Let me know how it goes. I'm in the same boat, and no, I don't need, nor do I want, to be saved. Heil, Satan!  (Dec 30, 2010 | post #185)

Seymour, CT

Beauty school revives mansion

It looked better painted blue.......  (Dec 30, 2010 | post #1)


Whats your new yrs resolution???

I'm going to tell my parents I am LaVeyan Satanist. When, I have no idea.... Help?  (Dec 30, 2010 | post #190)


What are you wearing today?

Nothing interesting atm. lol.  (Dec 30, 2010 | post #5294)