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Nov 13, 2012

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What can anyone tell me about Finland and living in Finland? I love snow, and have heard some negativity regarding depression... Which surprised me. What activities are there? What is a fun time? What is the culture like both in social aspects and beliefs but also what do they do when together and not working, etc. It's so pretty, I want to know more about the country besides being in a place where snowy forests and mountains are. And wooden clogs. Also, random question to start things off, how's the beer?  (Nov 13, 2012 | post #1)

Why are Serbs darker than other slavs?

Well I will try to reply to everything without being mean. Poles are actually barely Slavs but still slavs. Going by the language groups and ethnicity, not modern culture and politics, almost every European country plus Russia is slavic. In terms of dark Serbs, like Armenians, we need only look at the path each took. Simple: Black Africans--> Arabs--> Egyptians--> Hebrews/Jews--> Slavs--> White Africans. As people left their native lands behind, they adapted to climate and geographical distribution. People who call themselves Aryan claim Indo-European descent because out of Africa they went far east to India and East Asia before coming to Europe. Therefore, technically, Hitler, who claimed Aryanhood, was black.... or atleast his ancient ancestors were, which means parts of that ancient blood were in him. Germans, Austrians, and Hungarians are as Slavic as you can get without actually being Slavs. The Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, and Norway, are actually not Slav despite more recent modern history and at times being part of Russia, because many people forget their Viking history, which deals with western Europeans. Germans were not Vikings. I repeat, Germans, and many others who claim Viking descent, were NOT Vikings. They were nomadic tribes people. The TRUE Vikings are: French, British, Icelandic Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish... that's about it. That means that the European culture consist of : 1) Vikings, 2) Slavs, 3) Austians, Hungarians, Germans, 4) Italians and Greeks, 5) Miscellaneous scattered about, such as Belgium or Holland, some having similarities to other groups while not being a part of them themselves. Hope this helps a little bit. In terms of lineage, there are really only 5 races. Africans (from blacks to white ones), Asians (yellow guys with small eyes), Europeans (many people think they are racially European, but in fact only culturally and historically), Native Americans, and Aboriginies. Thus, Serbs and many others can at times be dark. ANother example is some Italians who share Slavic blood through interbreeding due to geographic closeness. The Sicilians, the Maltese, many are known to be darker. Same with many in Cyprus, which is Greek.  (Nov 13, 2012 | post #1174)