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Feb 20, 2009

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How many Albanians live in FYROM(macedonia) today?

http://www.panoram im sorry its in Albanian.may u please use google translate  (20 hrs ago | post #119)


How many Albanians live in FYROM(macedonia) today?

If you are Albanian how difficult is it to say, you are Albanian first and Muslim second. If you are Albanian how come you do not want to be part of Albania. If you are Albanian, why cant you speak proper Albanian If you are Albanian, why is Erdogan your leader, hero and father. If you are Albanian, why do you Turko-Albanians of Macedonia have one hundred Albanian parties divided against each other. Why do you support Gruevski policies and stand by him even now ? If you are Albanian why do you call another Albanian "kaur"? Ahmet, Isa or Sali are not Albanians.  (20 hrs ago | post #118)


How many Albanians live in FYROM(macedonia) today?

ahahaha, Rushit Tahir Osman Mehmeti., of course you are..only look at your turko-macedons have a new are the proof......also, turks called Cristians kaur...u must be a new turk following in ancesters' footsteps.. Again, No Albanians live in Macedonia.All Rushidies, Rushites,Osmans are not Albanians. Here is correct version of Albanian, How its written: Unė jam Shqiptar.Ti tė hash mut.Ti s'je Shqiptar, ti je Turkolesh-Macedon Wahabi-Salaf.  (20 hrs ago | post #117)


How many Albanians live in FYROM(macedonia) today?

i have not attacked Albanians.I have attacked turko-macedonian albanian speaking friends....square- 1, turkish-islamic muhajedin from macedonia, eurovisional, her name is ruzhdije of turkish mentality, studied in a turkish medrese to hate christians, esp those from Korca..the kurva loves kar a lot 24/7...then we have the idiot who posts in serbian to promote serbian and serbian propaganda...., is that you?, idiot.Who are you? do i know you...Concentrate on the lesson, not on me..idiot..what have you got to say about fake Macedonians, this is the question. answer my islamists of macedonia want to join Albania..the answer is no...are they muslim oralbanian macedonian first...they are what is your opinion, if you had one.....u thick or what, do u think im here to be liked by you...unless you have a sister, mate....  (Tuesday May 26 | post #104)


Vucic to make first Serbian premier's visit to Albania

I just hope them AlCapaone gangsters of Albo politics get Ebola and kiss him on the lips.Vucic is more stupid than I thought.How can you visit a country without a state!  (Monday May 25 | post #1)


New borders for Serbia, Constitution changes required.

Your opinion is a joke like all your serbian posts. You and Isa Mustafa are biggest serbian haters.  (Monday May 25 | post #6)


How many Albanians live in FYROM(macedonia) today?

dont get clever..what do you have in common with Albanians. Language does not count.even bosniaks speak serbian...they are not serbian, are they...same can be said for you turkish offsprings..... now answer the simple you turko-albanians of macedonia want to join with Albania?....does religion matter to a macedonian, who claims to speak albanian, more than ethnicity? Rushdie, Albanian , not you.  (Monday May 25 | post #99)

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