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Mar 11, 2011

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Truth over tradition


Forrest City, AR


white and poor, rentals

Local Favorites:

Billy Guy Emerson, Mrs. Henry, Berta Elphingstone, Bill Baxter, EJ Frames

I Belong To:

the ancestry of the Cherokee people

When I'm Not on Topix:

I practice impartation

I'm Listening To:

Rep. Bachman, Imus, Dr. Oz

Read This Book:

Any book! Every day. Think and talk about it.

Favorite Things:

water, vegetables and fruits, love of a woman, wine and beer, and the fine points of creation, mutation, etc.

On My Mind:

physical demise and spiritual ascension

Blog / Website / Homepage:


I Believe In:

a spiritual entity as presented through the writings of the scribes and ancients and the thoughts of perfection always