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Aug 9, 2007

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Libertarianism must win

Republicans and democrats alike want to turn this country into a mild're under much control. i was a Democrat for a long time...and now i've come to my senses. personal responsibility has been thrown out the window. the republicans are hypocrites and the democrats are border line socialists...neith er will have my vote. Libertarianism must grow and flourish! End the ridiculous drug war; the ponzi-ish social security; the globalization/empi re building agenda; the religious support for a country that seems to have brought us nothing but misery for the past 30 years; also stop the religious ban on gay marriage because it has nothing to do with you what someone else wants to do with their life; and remove bans on weapons..! cut taxes and fire all those politicians who's job it seems is to stay in power! If you want to work for a coop that is your business; if you want to help the poor do it in a meaningful way and not through the strong arm of dictatorship. If you want to live off the land, good, I encourage you to but it sucks you have to pay taxes through the nose to pay for a road to eventually come and cut through your land anyway. It's all bullsh--! What of the elderly? work or disappear! Sound cruel? Well that is how it worked for all history, that is the natural order of things. What of drug rehabs financed through the state? If you're stupid enough or "bad ass" enough to ignore all the warnings to begin with ... well you deserve the toilet you jumped in. Do i seem hateful? I'm saying you're free to do what you want without any big brother holding a gun to you saying "behave"'re the one that is hateful enough to imply that people shouldn't be trusted with individual rights and liberties. If you fear large corporations will take's because you allowed them to. Society will stand up to them if they become so huge. And if it can't then all of it's members must be idiots anyway...and I really don't think we're stupid like that. Welfarists...well you can all beg for all I care. If you are single and have 5 could have gotten an abortion; you could have been practical instead of assuming to take advantage of the system. Is this cruel? Guess what you're the one who gambled on your kids' lives from the get go, bitch! Bitch goes for men and women...  (Oct 31, 2010 | post #1)

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