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Oct 19, 2012


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Soledad, CA

Leah Ford

This message is directed towards "notstupid " and Washington DC. You seem like a pretty stupid girl to me!! you are very insecure and need to get a grip!! You are posting comments about a person you do not even know!!! If you did know this Leah person you would not saying so many "stupid accusations" You need to educate yourself you dumb B***H!!! You must be a tweeker if your are wasting your enegy on someting so lame.. You must have lost your man to her .. LMAO!!!! no one likes a drama psycho B***H like you looser!! LMAO!!! You have no reason to post other things about other people that you do not even know!!! The way I see it even if it was a job at Great America its a job. You must be some welfare Hoe that does not know honest work. Or you just sell your ass. You are the one who needs and education.. You are just a jealous insecure idot!!!! Why are you such a hater?? Just sayin!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! LAME GIRL!!  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #17)