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Jun 1, 2007

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Q & A with Bitner


Blessed Be

I Belong To:

Elemental Wicca, Coven of the Living Elements, Talonskeep,DONA, NCBTMB, ABMP, ULC

When I'm Not on Topix:

Working, being with my family, spiritual pursuits, crafts (teaching myself to weave on a small loom).

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I'm always right :)

I'm Listening To:

Ancient Mother/Robert Grass

Read This Book:

A Dance With Dragons/George R. R. Martin

Favorite Things:

Family, friends, my faith, CAM healing, camping, the beach, cross stitch, herbal remedies.

On My Mind:

My spirituality.

I Believe In:

The Divine, myself, my family and friends. And CHOICE.