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Jan 22, 2012

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Dayton, TN

Lacey Harwood

There is no mountain too tall nor no vag to big. Crawl in that thing and go camping.  (Friday Nov 6 | post #8)

Dayton, TN

Lacey Harwood

Good all american, wholesome girl  (Oct 25, 2015 | post #2)

Dayton, TN

3% group are they local?

For some reason it wont let me copy a youtube link here. Maybe the system is still preocessing it. Search atf calls out three percenters. On youtube  (Oct 10, 2015 | post #7)

Dayton, TN

3% group are they local?  (Oct 10, 2015 | post #6)

Dayton, TN

3% group are they local?

If i were to know people as such i am sure they would not broadcast their business on here especially since this is rhea county and its a well known fact that the police work this site.  (Oct 9, 2015 | post #4)

Dayton, TN

Mandy and her drama

I told clayton when he first got with mandy to wear a rubber and not get her pregnant because he was older and by his comments on her and other fb pages i could tell he was full of shit and a player want to be but thats neither here nor there.So i tell raven (who i have no ideal who she is) but dont let him do you the same way. The man clearly aint responsible enough to wear a rubber or at least pull out. He need to tame his primal man instincts. Everyone have a nice day now  (Sep 27, 2015 | post #19)

Dayton, TN

The Saudi King

He is coming to Washington DC this weekend with a 1000 people in his entourage but no worries.http://www .thedailysheeple.c om/its-all-gold-sa udi-king-arrives-i n-dc-books-all-roo ms-at-the-four-sea sons_092015  (Sep 6, 2015 | post #1)

Dayton, TN

The prostitutes

^^ thats the problem with todays society. Everybody is scared to stand up for whats right and denounce the shat thats wrong. Okay with that being said.. Where these hos at?  (Aug 9, 2015 | post #12)

Dayton, TN

pucker up America

http://www.thedail d-flag-events-that -just-happened-as- we-enter-the-pivot al-month-of-august -2015_082015  (Aug 3, 2015 | post #1)

Dayton, TN

How does Dayton read your Water Meter?

My meters ancient. Its definitely not radio controlled and theres so much dirt in it nobody can read it  (Jul 23, 2015 | post #16)

Dayton, TN

How does Dayton read your Water Meter?

When i lived in el paso tx they would take a neighborhood and whatever water was used there would be split evenly among the residents in the neighborhood.  (Jul 12, 2015 | post #14)

Dayton, TN

deadbeat dads

Thats why you supposed to get to know each other befor you lay down with one another. But thats old school.  (Jul 5, 2015 | post #3)

Dayton, TN

Obama is our enemy

He's still hard ar destroying us. Assad still gassing his own people in Syria while this coward does nothing. Syrian rebels are forced to fight with isis because isis is fighting against assad so the people see no other way to stop the chemical agents from being dropped on their cities and killing their children. President assad is being financed by iran and its proxy hezbollah. Both of which obama had removed from the terrorist watch list earlier this year. The iran nuclear negotiations have took a major turn in the past year. Iran is now controlling and drawing red lines since obamas bottom bitch john kerry done been giving free blow jobs to the Iranians. So... in the past yearthe u.s. negotiating team has went from six people to one. Five of the senior advisers have stepped down because obama ignored all of their advice to walk away from the negotiations when iran started to take control months ago. So now there are literally three people that still want to make a very bad deal. Hillary, john kerry and no good obama. Iran is saying that any deal would include the releasing of billions of dollars of iranian oil money that is currently frozen in the bank due to the sanctions that have been imposed by the international community for many years. This money will undoubtedly be used to kill americans, syrians and Israelis, plus many others im sure. Now the iranian parliament chants death to america at every sesssion so any type of deal with them would be collaberating with the enemy. But hes been doing it all along. That is all  (Jun 28, 2015 | post #197)

Dayton, TN

In need of goat milk 4 puppys

You can buy a milk substitute powder from wal mart. I gave it to 13 pit bull puppies.. they did good on it.  (May 16, 2015 | post #8)

Dayton, TN

Market Street Cafe

All I know is the food is great and the owner is hot and single  (May 2, 2015 | post #2)

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