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Mar 13, 2009


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Where is the best place to live in Cornwall.

Hi. I need some advice so if anyone can help then give me a shout! I have been been given a choice to live in either Bodmin or Padstow. The one in Bodmin,is just off Dunmere rd & i was told some of the factories have been knocked down & only a carpet shop & tool hire shop are still there but there is also talk's of a Lydles shop being opened there. Also, on google earth it looks like there is a sewage plant near by...I know there are good & bad parts wherever you go in the country but i live in a fairly nice area & i don't want to move to an area that is going to cause me grief as i have kids myself. I've looked on the net for any info but all i get is tourist info lol & i need some inside info! It's not like i can just go check out the area as we live 350 miles away!! Then there's Padstow, we know it has rick stein resturant in this fishing village but that's about all!! HELP!  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #1)