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Jul 15, 2007

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San Clemente, CA

Get Your May 16th Dance Contest Tickets This Week, Before...

Get Your May 16th Dance Contest Tickets This Week, Before They’re Gone.... Due to Demand, 100 More Tickets Issued for the Annual Gala Dance Contest Fundraiser Event for Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, San Clemente. It’s Styled after the Dancing with the Stars TV Show-------------- --- San Clemente, CA --- May 3, 2009 – Due to high demand, 100 more tickets for the third annual Dancing to a New Beat Dance Competition, a major fundraiser for Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, San Clemente, have been issued for the gala, May 16th black tie event, according to event co-chairperson, Cathy Lentz. Steven Forry, Ph.D., Executive Director, Saddleback Memorial Foundation, San Clemente, says “To our delight, demand this year is actually accelerating. As a result, we have released another block of 100 tickets. If you've tried to order tickets and found the event sold out, this is your chance. And with our new elevated seating and site line improvements, every seat has a great view of the competition.” According to co-chairperson Julia Darden, half the tickets each year are pre-sold to the six dancers and their many supporters. “So there is a built-in scarcity of tickets,” she says. “That is why we urge everyone to get their tickets now. Don’t wait. We’ve sold out the previous two years, so we encourage everyone to get their tickets this coming week to avoid disappointment.” . Darden adds, “This year, the stage has been elevated to enhance site lines and ensure that every seat gives a great view of the action. After last year’s event, we noted every suggestion, and did extensive debriefing. Thus, repeat guests will find that every aspect of the 2008 highly acclaimed program has been upgraded.” Styled after TV's "Dancing with the Stars,” Dancing to a New Beat features six local amateur “dancing stars,” and their professional partners. They compete to display the best footwork and raise funds for San Clemente's local not-for-profit hospital. Votes by those in the community---in the form of funds donated---combined with the professional judges' scores, determine the dance contest winners. Two of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancers perform exhibition dances at this year’s fundraiser, which is expected to drive even greater demand for tickets. The TV stars’ identities will be kept secret until just before the event. The black tie gala charity auction, dinner, and dance competition takes place at the Laguna Cliffs’ Marriot, Dana Point, CA. Tickets cost $200 per person, and tables of 10 are available for $2000. Ticket and event information is available online at www.DancingToANewB To reserve tickets, email Saddleback Memorial’s Susan Johnson at or CALL her Saddleback Memorial. Last year, the Dance fundraiser event raised $300,000 and netted $200,000 earmarked for cardiac care and emergency services. “For a fundraiser anywhere to net 66% is amazing in these days of high production costs. It also says worlds about how much area residents care for their local San Clemente Medical Center,” says Forry. Dancers for 2009 are a CEO, a retired Marine officer, two stay-at-home moms, two entrepreneurs, and a cosmetics consultant. They are (alphabetically) Bob Adams, Lew Avera, Jessica Conrad, Sheila Joseph, Maria Roy, and Patricia Schneider. To read their bios, see their photos, watch their videos, visit their blogs, leave them your blog comments, and vote for them through donation, by using your credit card or PayPal, visit DancingToANewBeat. com. See the TV commercial at: v=kecjdkWeFWw  (May 4, 2009 | post #1)

San Clemente, CA

Needy Non-profit Groups Can Now Earn 10% of Realty Agent ...

This year our annual Dancing to a New Beat dance contest which mimics the “Dancing With the Stars” TV program, is off to a great early start. Our program benefits the Saddleback Memorial Medical Center – San Clemente. Last year’s 2008 dance contest is explained on www.DancingToANewB and that site is being updated to 2009 as I type this. Here are a few photos from our Dancer Orientation/Hospit al Tour last Thursday night. You are welcome to use any of these pics noted in this email. Just choose the one(s) you want and email me a small copy and then I can I.D. the people for you. (Note that the REALLY GOOD ones by Lisa Manning need a credit line to her.) Last year, our dance contest raised about $300,000 and NETTED about $200,000 for the Saddleback Memorial Medical Center – San Clemente. mostly to buy medical machines and equipment to treat coronary patients. Such a net profit percentage is almost unheard of in fund raising circles, but we are 99% volunteers. We’d love to see you at our first 2009 Dancer “Practice Session” coming up soon at our local Londance Studios dance studio, and I will email you just before, that event, because it is a time for you to get some terrific photos of all six dancers and their professional partners going through their beautiful dance routines. Here is what the Register ran about the dance contest and it gives you the gist of what the competition is all about: http://www.ocregis ancing-competition -dance-2277417-com munity-year OR /7jdmdu The event has become so popular that we had dozens of potential cast members express interest. Some were nominated as early as last year's event (a form in the program allowed attendees to make nominations). We invited all the finalists to an event in November where they met the committee members who cast the final votes. We try to represent a cross section of the community in each year's cast, to help us reach a wider swath of the community with both our fundraising efforts and our message about the revitalization of the hospital under Saddleback's ownership. Selection criteria includes charisma, community involvement, and dedication to the cause--they've got to have a heart when it comes to our local hospital. It was particularly hard this year to narrow the choices to six, we had so many candidates with that "wow" factor. This year's cast includes more women than men--4 to 2--which is a first. Joining the cast is a tremendous commitment. Each cast member agrees to personally raise a minimum of $5000 for cardiac care and emergency services--and our champions last year each raised around 30K. And of course, the training requires a significant time and financial commitment as well. Some of our dancers last year purchased 100 lessons from Londance Studios, which provides the professional partners. But, if you ask them was it worth it, they'll all say "yes." Each of them knows he or she has made a difference in the community that will benefit us all with expanded cardiac care capabilities. But beyond that, many of them say this was one of the best experiences they've every had. And a number of them continue to dance, some competitively.  (Jan 13, 2009 | post #3)

San Clemente, CA

Needy Non-profit Groups Can Now Earn 10% of Realty Agent ...

Now THIS is a good idea for struggling San Clemente non-profit groups. On a million dollar home, an agent's commission could be $30,000 or $60,000 depending on whether the agent represented just the seller, or seller and buyer, too. So a non-profit would get $3000 or $6000. Hmmmm, better than the average small donations they get. Why didn't someone think of this earlier? Especially the way the media has been beating up realty agents for charging too much for their services. (Yeah, YOU go try to sell a million dollar home and see how much work it is over the 6-8 months that it takes). Anyway, here's the deal on this: Buy or sell your local home after registering it with and get 10% of this local realty agent’s commission donated to your group* in your name! There's info about it on this local Realtor's web site at: http://www.debbief ares/ I hope this really catches on because it's a win-win for the non-profits in San Clemente and for the Realtor, too. Non-profits get some big donations and the Realtors get new clients...Hope the Media is watching THIS one....  (Jul 15, 2007 | post #1)

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