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Mar 29, 2009

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The Santa Fe New Mexican

Off leash: Faithful companion likely to lose home

Pema's story is a sad one, and all too common. There are many resources out there for dogs like Pema, and sometimes all it takes is reaching out. To the best of my knowledge, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society was not contacted to see if we could help Pema, which I am certain we could. If at any point we can be of service in sheltering Pema and finding her a new home, I have nearly fifty colleagues at SFAS&HS who are as eager as I am to serve every animal we can, including the tender-hearted, sweet-faced Pema. We are, as always, just a phone call or short drive away. And of course, thanks to everyone who showed off their sublime felinity in our online cat show! What a lovely experience it was for all of us. (Congratulation to the New Mexican's Henry Lopez for Best in Show!) Bill Hutchison SFAS&HS Communications Director  (Mar 7, 2010 | post #1)

The Santa Fe New Mexican

Humane Society cuts down staff as funds dwindle

Dear Las Vegas friend - Five people weren't making $30,000 a month, but this was a place to start bringing us in line. I invite you to call me and let me tell you precisely the number of animals that are being served. Along with the 6,000 animals that come into the shelter, there are another 6,000 or so throughout the state that we spay and neuter, and another 4,000 or so who receive vaccinations and other wellness services. I'm 100 percent sure that every dollar that comes in goes directly to the animals, or pays a fair wage to those who serve the animals. The animals don't need us to pick favorites. They just need us all working hard. Working together is a lot better than being divisive. Many thanks, Bill Hutchison SFAS&HS  (Aug 23, 2009 | post #18)

The Santa Fe New Mexican

Fourth of July fireworks can wreak havoc on pets

When I was a kid, I loved fireworks. Going to the center of town for the marching band and the brilliant, explosive display after the sun went down was a time of sheer joy. But I didn't NEED it. I suppose that's my first concern about your comment, Gato. And after watching my dear old dog cowering in the corner of my closet, pushing herself back into it until she had nearly folded herself in half, I think I would have been sensitive enough even as a child to see the terror in her face. I don't need a pet psychic to tell me that. But Ben's story isn't about deferring a holiday. Or about getting rid of fireworks. In fact, the main thrust of the article is how to care for your animals despite the fact that the 4th and all its noise will go on. One of the wonderful things about living in a community-minded town among community-minded people is that most folks are happy to be kind to all its citizens, both human and animal. No one has suggested that anyone ought to choose between the needs of their pets versus the needs of their children. But fireworks hardly qualify as a need. Seeing the beautiful display at the high school or the backyard is a delight. Call me na├»ve or wrong-headed, but if someone told me the neighbor kids were terrified by something I was doing, I'd try to be sensitive. I would hope that we as pet-owners might ask some of the same consideration. It doesn't require having kids - or even pets - to be sensitive to the needs of any living creature. All it takes is a heart, and the willingness to use it.  (Jul 5, 2009 | post #5)

The Santa Fe New Mexican

More than 50 dogs seized from home

Dear doglvr: We tend to stick with Purina dog, cat, puppy, and kitten chow at the shelter. It's a reasonably good quality food and not too pricey. Thanks so much for thinking to ask, and we hope to see you on Saturday! Many thanks to those in the community who are already offering their support. Bill Hutchison SFAS&HS  (Jun 2, 2009 | post #8)

The Santa Fe New Mexican

State bans gas chamber for pets

The complex difficulties of working in animal welfare were brought to the forefront in the passage of these bills. We're very grateful to Yvette Dobbie, Governor Richardson, House Majority Leader Kenny Martinez and everyone else who made this happen. It's a slow road, but one well worth walking. Bill Hutchison SFAS&HS  (Apr 7, 2009 | post #1)

The Santa Fe New Mexican

Starving dog: The will to survive

Kermit isn't yet available for adoption -- our vets think he'll need at least a good eight weeks of recuperation. But keep an eye on our website: we'll get something up tomorrow to keep folks posted on Kermit's status. We've been inundated with kind offers by folks interested in giving Kermit a home, and I know that he'll be someone's new best friend in the months to come. Bill Hutchison SFAS&HS  (Mar 29, 2009 | post #8)

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