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Mar 29, 2011

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Greeneville, TN

Planet Hoffman

I saw Planet Hofmann play at the Hyperion one night with a rap group, I think called Madscientist, opening for them. I will say that was revolutionary in itself to be going down in Greeneville. I thought to myself oh no here comes some white boy wanna be thuggs getting on the stage. But was I wrong. When they started doing their music I couldn't help but start moving my head and I remember, 'I don't give a F#$% I don't wanna be famous'. It was definately a different style of rap for sure. And then Planet Hofmann came onto the stage and I was like ok this has gotta be some type of funk band or something seeing as they had a rap group first. Again I was shocked to hear a Rock band coming on next. Planet Hofmann ripped it and the crowd stuck around to hear them rip it. I remember the lead singer talking to the crowd saying something like, 'Who here wants to here a country song? if you do then go the F#$% home. Both groups were a great performance. So if you can get a show like that lined up and keep the crowd entertained the entire time then you are definately doing something great. I mean everyone in the whole place was down with all the music going on that night. I went to hear Planet Hofmann play at a show in Johnson City not to long after that. I can't remember the name of the place but it had a nicer stage and better sound than the Hype had. That show was awesome too. I know that they have changed up members since then and I haven't went to hear them in a while because my money is low. But basically what I'm trying to say is this. Planet Hofmann as a band is awesome. I don't know them personally and will never have the chance to know them personally, that's fine. What they do in their personal life is none of anyone's business but their own. There are tons of famous bands out there that are all messed up in their personal lives but they have great songs. I think that people relate to these types of bands because in a sense we are all messed up and we hear a relation through the lyrics and feeling in the music. Planet Hofmann delivers a thoughtful sound and feeling. I hope to get the CD when it comes out. I'm glad to see that the haters aren't getting to you guys at all.  (Mar 29, 2011 | post #86)