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Jan 5, 2013

Bewiitched Profile

Q & A with Bewiitched


Akron, Ohio

Local Favorites:

Cleveland Cavaliers, The Ohio State Buckeyes, Kent State Golden Flashes you know? losers.

I Belong To:

the hereafter

When I'm Not on Topix:

drawing up landscape designs, reading gardening books, planting, watching sports playing with my -d-ildo

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Im an ignorant troll

I'm Listening To:

Justin Bieber

Read This Book:

confessions of a teenage drama queen

On My Mind:

starting over with a big, rock hard ding-dong in my crotch. Havent had one in quite some time!

I Believe In:

a young team with a new coach and no limits! just not the Cavs or the Browns because they are supreme losers.