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Jul 13, 2008

Better Days Profile

Q & A with Better Days


Live Like There's No Tomorrow


Somewhere Around Here


Update: Neigh Gone all to Heck

Local Favorites:

My Family, Friend's and Roaring Down The Road ect.

I Belong To:

First To God, Then My Loved One's

When I'm Not on Topix:

Besides Riding Only God Would Know

Read My Forum Posts Because:

You're Suppose To I Guess

I'm Listening To:

Absolutely Nothing

Read This Book:

My40yr.old Bible frist then Any Postive Learning Books are Great

Favorite Things:

That's Just To Much To Mention

On My Mind:

Fill This Darn Thing Out.......

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Topix's was, now it's timesnews and read FoxNews hourly

I Believe In:

Better And More Positive People and Thinking. Prayer Line Threads