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Feb 28, 2008

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US Politics

Attorney General to Classify Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Americans ...

When did the United States govn't descide it was okay to disreguard my constitutonal rights? I have the right to bear arms-this means I can own and opperate a gun in the protection of myself, my family, and my stuff! Another thing, it's my body! Not yours, not the govn't's, if I choose to have an abortion thats my right, I own that freedom! Someone needs to stand up and smack this idiot who calls himself an American. He's no more American then Osama Bin Laden. This legislation is showing his hate for the rights our fore fathers died fighting to give us all. It smacks of contempt fot those who are still fighting all across the world so that we might keep those rights. As others have said welcome to Nazi America folks, just remeber in the end I didn't vote for our minority mouth piece president. I can't think of a single person more undeserving of the running of this country then Obama. His charity with the tax payers money is going to run this country into the ground and then the only way to save us is going to be to go to war with some other country so that more honest hard working real Americans can die to keep this country alive.  (Jul 9, 2009 | post #1180)

Winder, GA

Pipe bomb, meth pipes handled by deputies

Most people who say F the cops typially feel they have had bad experiences with the cops. But in general the cops don't go after the innocent. I'll admit there are a few bad ones out there. So those bad experiences are more often then not the attention seeking cries of a justly ticketed, arrested, or incarcerated person who just wants to start trouble.  (May 19, 2009 | post #3)

Lincoln Park, MI

Girl Arrested after Cursing on 911 Call

He got suspended and has to take training classes when his attitude could have killed a man. How in the holy freaking hell is that right? Emergencies are very emotional and stressful situations. As a 911 operator he should understand that and be sympathetic when an aggitated person calls into him. He should try his best to determine what the emergency is and to calm the caller down so that information can be obtained accurately. He should have been fired and have his ass handed to him in a court of law for being such an asinine *%$#@&!  (May 7, 2009 | post #186)


Amnesty outraged at Iran execution

Here we have more proof of how screwed up the law in this country is. People live in constant fear for their lives for any number of reasons, women and children have no rights what so ever, and there are religious zealot terrorists there too. This women is just one more victim of a nation that has no idea the trouble it is really in. They pray and cry to Allah for guidance, but I don't think they are really listening to his response.  (May 2, 2009 | post #1)


Man goes to the gallows in Iran for sex with boys

Well the country atleast got something right for once. Too bad there is a double standard for girls and women.  (May 2, 2009 | post #7)


8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband

There is something seriously wrong with a country that allowes something like this situation to take place. Do they not care about the health and mental well being of their children? No they don't because the chiildren and women have no authority. They have no rights. They are just proporty that can be sold, that can be traded, used how ever the men see fit. It is a backward, arcaic society that bases it's morality on a religion twisted to serve their own wants, needs, and opinions.  (May 2, 2009 | post #960)

US Politics

New Afghan law lets men refuse to feed wives who deny the...

Scared they may be but they shoud use that fear to stand up for themselves. It's pathetic that they as a scociety have let themselves be victims. And yes that is exactly what they have done by not standing up frthemselves. Women of victorian times did the same thing until the decided it wasn't right. Now women in the US and England have more rights then we ever did. There was also that great feminist movement that made the working world equal for women too. There is no excuse for them to just roll over and let their men treat them this way.  (Apr 20, 2009 | post #328)

US Politics

New Afghan law lets men refuse to feed wives who deny the...

How stupid is this? If she doen't give him sex he will starve her. Are the men willing to starve their women to death if they continue to refuse? That would in other country be murder, but to them it's a husbands right. I say the afgahn women need to get together and start kicking the asses of their men to earn a little more respect instead of bending over and taking it in the ass like stupid idiots. Seriously oppression like this should never be tolerated. You can't tell me they are not strong enough.  (Apr 19, 2009 | post #190)

Winder, GA

officer wanted to race my child

I do not live in that area so I am not familiar with the person you speak of. You coud be right about him or you could be wrong, I just don't know. It is reasonable for you to worry that previous behavior could influence the out come of the situation. As sad as it is those in autority do offten judge a person based on prior behavior. Thats not how it should be but the world is not perfect. Again my only advice is to follow the chain of command and report the officers behavior. Start with his immediate supervisor. If you feel there has been no action taken then go to the nxt person in charge. There is a chain of command and you will be looked upon more favorably if you follow that chain of command then if you ski a few of the "steps". The media should be your last resort. It may be the quickest way to see a reaction, but it more then likely will not be the reaction you seek. I can understand that this is stressful for you, it would be for me also if my children attended that school. We trust those in law enforcement to protect our children not put them in harms way.  (Apr 19, 2009 | post #7)

Winder, GA

officer wanted to race my child

Like I said I'm not affiliated with any form of law enforcement and what I advised is just my opinion on what I thik you should do or what could happen. It's the best I can think of to offer. Talk to those in charge at his precinct first. If that doesn't get you anywhere then you can take additional action like talking to the media or the mayor of your town/state. Those in charge at his station are not as likely to abuse their power as thi officer has. They have been placed in their positions because of previous actions that showed great levels of responsibility. I would trust them to do their jobs. One bad apple doesn't always soil the bunch. Good luck.  (Apr 17, 2009 | post #4)


Mich. man tells dispatcher he didn't know his wife was pr...

I'll go out on a limb and say MAYBE the hubby is an absolute dumbass and really didn't know the wife was prego. How this could be possible as he was witness to her two previous pregnancies I don't know, that dumbass thing again?????? However, the wife sure as you know what knew she was prego. She had been thru this same situation three times before. Ninet-nine percent of all women who get pregnant know they are pregnant. There are too many ways to know for sure that you are when you are. The only other thing I can say is that must have been some really great quality stuff they were smoking to make them this stupid!  (Apr 17, 2009 | post #29)

US Politics

Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Could Secede, Leave Union

The South will rise again!!!!  (Apr 17, 2009 | post #1596)

Winder, GA

officer wanted to race my child

I don't know or can't think readily of any potetial backlash to you or your family. As a membr of the comunity it is your civic duty to report unsafe behavior from any individual, police authority or not. I would advise that you contact your local precint and speak with the person responsible for claims of wrongful behavior where an officer is concerned. This is typically a human resources issue. An investigation will likely follow the complaint. You and your son will most likely have to answer questions reguarding the incident as will the officer involved. I'm assuming your son is a student in your local high school and therefore a minor. It will be viewed that the officer took advantage of his position of authority in instigating your son to break the law, street racing is illegal no matter who the parties are who are involved in the race. There is a small chance that your son could be ticketed for the street racing, by I don't see it as a highly likely situation. Be advised that I am not affiliated with any law enforcement and do not know how this works exactly. These are just speculations on my part. I hope you get everything worked out for the best of everyone involved. You are right in saying this officer endangered many lives, not just students and your son. Street racing is illegal and the officer broke the law. Just by being a police officer does not mean that he above the law. I think your biggest problem will be proving that the event actually occured. This is going to be a he said/he said situation. Be aware that it could turn nasty, but what is more important, getting this officer off the street so that people are afe from his obvious stupidity or keeping a low profile in your comunity?  (Apr 17, 2009 | post #2)

Port St. Lucie, FL

Boy, 2, found near alligators as babysitter slept on toilet

First, how in the hell do you fall asleep on the toilet? Those seats are uncomfortable as all get out. I just don't see it. Second, in response to some of the comments on here, there are ways to secure a child so that they don't crawl/walk off as you do your buisness in the potty. Ever heard of an infant swing, or pack n'play. Maybe a high chair or crib. All of these items could have safely held the boy while the sitter was away for a minute or two in the bathroom. But if you don't have these items on hand to secure the child then yes you take the child to the bathroom with you. Better to be with you then gator food or run over by a car or picked up by some child molesting murderer.  (Apr 16, 2009 | post #205)

Winder, GA

Pipe bomb, meth pipes handled by deputies

What in the world is wrong with people in and around Barrow County? Good job to the police departments.  (Mar 28, 2009 | post #1)

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