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Apr 6, 2008

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Berkshire Eagle

Hea s quietly efficient

I was shocked when I read the first post,the one credited to Jonathan Melle.... and now I get it. Mr. Melle DID NOT place the post referred too. Imposter with a mask of a respected man, shame unto thee. Beware of wolves in other people's clothing. This is despicable, degrading, plop-plop in Pittsfield Politics. Peter Arlos where are you when we need you? Jonathan would never make a statement like that placed in this forum. Is there no honor?  (Aug 10, 2009 | post #8)

Berkshire Eagle

Put racism behind us with Obama

We link a man by his actions and reactions, taking in variables of time,place,conditi ons,stress,and other factors. The Executive Office of President calls upon the best possible decision making, relying on GOOD advice from a trusted staff with one agenda; to serve our country as set by Law. We turn like pit bulls on our leaders at perceived offenses, rather than reacting rationally to solving the problems on common grounds.This comes from selfish political agendas of opposing office holders. We Americans deal daily with a segment of babbling baboons, in part, dangerous to our National Dream. Low mentality, raging in their frustration, I fear that some fool shall attempt a personal attack on our leaders. Disruption of the elective process at this time shall lead to a National Disaster and shaming us down, forever, in History. Whoever is elected, we shall prevail. Proudly protect our Flag and our candidates. Why, can't my fellow Americans realize that Obama is not "black"? Barrack's ethinic history is not important as the MAN himself and I do believe , his educational background, work ethinic, his ability to communicate, plus I am sure one drive, to be the very best he can be, is the reason I am vointing to elct him. All resepct to John McCain. I am 77 , and John is 74. I don't believe he has the physicall ability to mmaintain energy levels under the stress of the office. And I do not trust Palin's abilities to be President, just in case. BBB Maybe more?  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #2)

Berkshire Eagle

Is Glenn M. Heller a pompus idiotic windbag?

I AM NOT IN JOHNSON CITY, TENN! This must be the Twight light Zone of Topics!  (Oct 26, 2008 | post #46)

Berkshire Eagle

Is Glenn M. Heller a pompus idiotic windbag?

Now Sara(h), would John Mc Cain like you speaking out in a negative way against Mr. Heller's gifts and in sites? Heller of the Hills looks down from the Mountain tops, being above the clouds, opens up sending down to us mere mortals in the valley below, "The Light". Alas, We have two ears to one mouth. So perhaps we should listen more than speak twice as much ado about nothing. By the way, what is Heller wearing for a costume for Halloween? I am going to be a pumpkin, kinda' seedy, with a big old Jack O' Lantern Berkshire Smile.  (Oct 26, 2008 | post #45)

Anti-US protesters rally against US-Iraqi pact

Twisted,Slanted, allegations. bits and pieces jammed together to come to a conclusion the author wishes to reach. Killing fields in Kenya? Obama to blame? A stretch? ashington Post(?)Disclosure of a private talk with Obama in Iraq about troop withdrwal and just what is happening today in Iraq? They want us us out YESTERDAY! Half Truths and babbling B.S. Welcome to the Planet Earth!  (Oct 22, 2008 | post #296)

Anti-US protesters rally against US-Iraqi pact

The barrage upon Barrack Obama, bringing up his alleged affiliations with unsavory people from his past by the Fox Network, is a distraction of what is happening today in America. People, we have real problems; the economy, the two working wars with unbalanced distribution of military, incompetent present leadership, natural disasters mishandled, and so forth. America, we have to come up to speed and correct our compass back toward a Great America and the Dream. We must right the ship of state and reset our sails for the generations after us. Viewing Hannity, referring to Obama being in contact with “The Weatherman” and “Slum Landlord” in CHICAGO, a city known for tough, down and dirty politics. A hustler on every block? One redeeming value; Oprah. Reflection on my younger days as a Roman Catholic Irish-American lad, with a head filled with romantic adventures, I was sympathetic to the Irish cause of Freedom from Occupation by the British of Northern Ireland. Later, doing an Irish Music and news radio program on WBRK (Pittsfield, Mass.), my Co-Host was Pat McCarhrety, formerly from Cork, now an American Citizen and a member of the Irish Republican Army. He was active in NORAID (raising funds for food and guns) explained donations for the families of soldiers fighting the Brits. Like Iraq today, street fighters ambushed, bombed, kidnapped, and again collateral damage, as bystanders got blasted, women, children, old men for the “cause”. Brits go home! I played the rising rebels songs, read the news, slanted, for support of pressuring the withdrawal of the English Occupiers and unarming the brutal Orangemen. I attended events in Springfield and met with active duty I.R.A men. I met with them when I visited Ireland. Those talks of Long Kesh Prison remind me, today, of Gauntaumano Bay. Over time better heads prevailed. Today Ireland joined together on common grounds becoming one of the most vital Countries in the European Market; Ireland is green in wealth and Peace. It can be done, but not with a gun. I mention my personal past path, identifying with Obama’s coming into contact with the wrong crowd, in Chicago politics, Church zealot, and a mental case with a short fuse who “hates America”. These people, from my experience, are usually very likable, baiting their traps with “helping out” such as funds. They are never direct. The most intelligent person, wanting acceptance, can find himself or herself taken up in the net. When the light comes on, you realize you have been used, you get mad at yourself for being so blind, and you untangle, distancing yourself away from the persons, making amends by refuting future associations with them. Look to the Past as lessons learned having Faith in the Future. Look where WE are going and cross the Goal Line standing up proudly.  (Oct 20, 2008 | post #210)

Berkshire Eagle

Obama will end embrace of ignorance

I am not nor have I ever been in Johnson City,Tenn. I am just a common man from the Berkshires now livng in retirement in Florida, near God's Launching Pad for an old Tan man with a big Can. I am 77 and my social redeeming value is wisdom through experience. I do not think my peer group has the stamina for an active,demanding office. I honor John McCain for his courage and service to our country and wish him a long life, but there comes a time when us old folks must take a bow and leave the stage for the young players who can get the job done. You're invied to vist my website (mostly art and bio) www.bobbuntburke.c om  (Oct 19, 2008 | post #13)

Berkshire Eagle

Caterpillars: Another sign of autumn

Thanks Thom for wooly bear article. We are into butterflies since we moved to Florida 7 years ago. My wife, Margaert says she has seen the wooly bear cateprillar down here. We have an average of 30 Monarchs every sunny day,(we filled up on milweed) plus Yellow Sulphers on the Cassias Bush. We are located on the perimeter of this over-55 community, so we touch the jungle on the south side, which is alive with "critters that flitter". And spiders big enough to eat an anoele (little lizard). What is the host plant of Wooly Bear? It isn't cold here. We only have several mild frosts in Jan. and Feb. so this must effect the southern wooly bear's coloration. Right? bobbuntburke (at) Note: I write my email this way so it cannot be mass copied. Insert @ where at is at.  (Oct 18, 2008 | post #1)

Berkshire Eagle

James Taylor: Sets free Obama benefit concerts

A Tip of the Hat to James Taylor. He walks the walk. The old Berkshire Hillbilly Folk Group, Joan Baez, Arlo Gutherie, Bob Dylan must be gratefull that the Mighty Winds of Change for Peace, Love and Respect of our fellow man has blown down in songs form the Moutains of Massachusetts and are sweeping the land. As an old radio announcer man, who had the luck of those times to be in the presence of these great American poets of song, standing in the light of the great Spirit, I am greatfull. More so today as the world awakes, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of a Higher Power that travels in our hearts and minds, always with us, guiding us to do what is right. My heart and soul tells me we must Vote for Obama and Joe Bidding. Bob Bunt Burke www.bobbuntburke.c om  (Oct 18, 2008 | post #6)

Anti-US protesters rally against US-Iraqi pact

Surprise? Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Saturday called on Iraq's parliament to reject an U.S.-Iraqi security pact. The Iraqi's want what we want, our troops OUT of Iraq. The U.S. sided with Iraq as bulwark against Shites threatening Sunni control. History of U.S. meddling in this area such as thew CIA overthrow of the once Iran Democracy to put in place the Shah. No wonder the Iranians hate our Government. The Iraqi’s and the Iranian people do not hate Americans but do reject the bungling invasion by our incompetent Government (today) who have so mismanaged our relationship with these good people, who like the average American want to raise a family in prosperity and peace. I SAY, PULL OUT ! START THE AMERICAN PULL OUT BY THE FIRST OF THE YEAR, 2009. Shake hands, salute, and get the dessert dusts off the boots. (Or will our Israeli friends let us?)  (Oct 18, 2008 | post #1)

Berkshire Eagle

Guyer urges four-day workweek

I clean mind is a happy mind! Congratulations!  (Oct 17, 2008 | post #136)

Berkshire Eagle

Guyer urges four-day workweek

If it's in the newspaper, it must be true? Just because Mr. Melle posts a blog, it must be true? One's person view does not make it true. All these people are "bad guys"? Why? Mr. Melle perceives them as such. Is something wrong with this activity? You can get away with a lot in a blog that you might face a libel suit in print or slander in public place.  (Oct 15, 2008 | post #134)

Berkshire Eagle

'Moby-Dick' soon to be official 'epic novel'

Ah Yes, that's what they "called it". IT originally was a LIGHTHOUSE. They dismantled it down, piece by piece moving it (it saved money since they had the materials). I think it's great and a beacon reminding us of all the boys from the Berkshires who seved in all the wars.Salute! ( You can research this informatioon in the Pittsfield Library) Did you know that Greylock is named after a one legged rengade Indian from Canada. I wrote an article on this subject called "Greylocak Gold".  (Oct 13, 2008 | post #8)

Berkshire Eagle

Guyer urges four-day workweek

Sail Fourth, Swinson , upon the sea of service. Your voyage may be rough at times but remember, men and boats may be safe in harbors, but that is not what men nor boats are built for. Upon this subject I set my last post. Good Luck!  (Oct 13, 2008 | post #129)

Berkshire Eagle

Guyer urges four-day workweek

Ahoy Swinson who wrote: "Although I think that Melle is in need of serious help, your list of people and their attributes are near as fanciful in the other direction. I am glad you are living somewhere else and not able to vote here. Before leaving the Beautiful Berkshires for Florida due to health, I was very active in both Pittsfield and Dalton Community Service. I was Town Moderator of Dalton before my friend, Ron Marcella served. Ron and I served together on the Finance Committee in Dalton, too. You see, I know these men of which he speaks and their fathers and families. These are all good men. Not perfect and as we served many of us deeply disagreed with conclusions BUT with the good for what was best for our community, not self serving. (Anyone who runs for office should get a medal). When I was public I was target unfairly with abusive personal comments. I knew I was doing the right thing and doing it fairly. Some people are like poor Crazy Annie who tried to crown me with a big stone at Park Square while I was chatting with a Pittsfield Police Officer. “Let him without sin cast the first stone” or “ Let him who converses with those with rocks in their heads realize they must be stoned”.  (Oct 12, 2008 | post #127)

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