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Swing Tips - How to Swing the Driver Correctly

Just starting out in the game of golf and wondering how to correctly swing a driver. In the following article I will go through the steps to use the driver properly and how to choose the correct driver for your game. The most common mistake I have found during my junior golf clinics is what I call the big stick syndrome. By this I mean, most of my kids swing with ghost spider puttertoo hard, commonly called, knocking the cover off the ball. Everyone wants to hit the driver 300 yards and think the harder you swing, the farther the ball goes, is far from the truth. Now let's discuss how to swing your driver. As a beginner, the one thing you need to understand is you have one swing speed for every golf club in your bag. You swing your driver the same way you would swing taylormade ghost spider putter. Don't get caught, in the common mistake, of trying to knock the cover off the ball. Another important fact with the driver is where the ball is in your stance. With the driver, because of its length, we need to play the ball farther forward in our stance to compensate for this. Playing the ball with taylormade atv wedge inside your front toe or some golfers play it off the toe is a common place. This is to give you best spin for your distance. A driver also needs a good shoulder turn to give you the most distance. This means we start our swing with our shoulders not our hands. Keeping your left arm fully extended through your swing. This means your driver will be on a bigger (wider) arc during your swing path. A good drill to practice a fuller arc is to place a golf tee with taylormade atv wedge review, about one grip length behind your ball and on your take away you should tick your driver head off this tee. This will make sure a true, full arc, giving you greatest distance. Before we end, there is a couple of points to choosing the proper driver, you need to know. The stiffness of the shaft and the angle of the club face are the two points you need to consider. Drivers come with various degrees of the club face and various degrees of stiffness for the shaft as well. Trajectory of ball at impact determines the degree of the club face. Swing speed determines the stiffness of your shaft. For example, less than 105 mph is a regular shaft choice More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 30, 2013 | post #1)


How to Lower Your Handicap in Golf

If you are as keen a golfer as me you will almost certainly be on a permanent quest to lower your handicap. It is one of those sporting quests to which there seems no end, while at the same time there is no end of advice available as to how to achieve your goal. As an avid golfer I believe there are key points that when mastered correctly can make all the difference to the amateur golfer's desire to play fewer strokes during a round. Here are four key tips that I have found to be invaluable. Maintain the correct mental attitude The most potent tool in a golfer's arsenal is his mind. His ability to master it is what separates the best golfers in the world from all the amateurs. Even the average golfer must believe in his game and think of himself as a great player who loves rbz stage 2 driver. It holds true that when you are in a competitive situation, if you can believe that you are good enough to beat anyone, you hold the key to beating your opponent in both match play and stroke play. Developing a winning mental attitude like this becomes more important the higher up you go in your golfing career. Play the Percentage Game "Make the centre of the green your friend". In the last few holes of a major championship, Jack Nicklaus once revealed that he never aims at the flag, only at the middle of the green. He felt it was the smart play as it minimized his chances of missing the green and virtually guaranteed him a birdie putt with rbz stage 2 driver review. The fact is, ignoring the pin and aiming all of your approach shots at the middle of the green is a very smart strategy. This should be done with every single shot, whether it's a 9-iron or a 4-iron. This builds in a better margin for error so you have more green either side of the perfect golf shot and even if you stray slightly off line you'll still find the putting surface. Playing percentage golf is one of the best ways to lower your handicap over time. Leave your Ego at Home Playing the percentage game means you need to leave your ego at home. So avoid the temptation to go for the big hit every time you tee up. In other words, don't go flag hunting on every hole. If you are not a regular player you are not going to hit every shot with 913 titleist driver where you are looking and you will almost certainly increase your chances of playing better and of being able to lower your handicap over time by playing within yourself. Get your Strategy Right Because you never know what to expect in a round of golf you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for every situation imaginable. If you familiarizeyoursel f with all the obstacles on the golf course and work out a strategy for any pitfalls that may occur, any difficulties you encounter on the course will not spoil your enjoyment of the game with 913 d3 driver for sale. In other words, you need to do your homework before you start out. Knowing what to expect from a course combined with your confidence that allows you to play your way out of tight spots will really help you lower your handicap. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 30, 2013 | post #1)


Putting Made Perfect

As an avid golfer, I know how important the short game is to shooting better golf scores. I think the average golf can save at least four for fives strokes a round just on there putting. But why don't we practice it more? Good question, because it is boring. Face it hitting drivers on the range as far as you can is more entertaining that missing a bunch of five footers. Beginners seem to practice there driver a lot more than the average golfer. They should be practice there short game at least twice as much as there long game. First you should have a comfortable grip. If you use your left side or shoulder to pull the putt, have more of your left hand on the putter. If you use your right side or right shoulder to push the putt with callaway diablo edge irons, have more of your right hand on the putter. But use a comfortable grip as much as possible. Don't not hold the putter tight. Just hold it firmly enough to get good feel. Practice just holding the putter just of the ground to get the feel of holding the putter. You can use a overlap grip, interlock grip or a ten finger grip. If its comfortable, than that will work. I like to have my hands like I'm praying. I just move my hands down over lap the right pinky around the left index and gently grip the club. Nothing is right or wrong. Second, you must practice right in order to not get any bad habits. Average golfers and beginners seem to use to much of their wrists. Their wrists bread down through the putt, which causes the blade to turn of line at impact. Keep your wrists firm through the putt with diablo edge irons. Try concentrating on using your shoulders. Your arms should feel like a pendulum swinging back and forth. Your stance should feel comfortable also. Try experimenting what feels good. Feet wide apart, feet shoulder apart. Try putting 70% of your weight on your left side so you don't move back and forth. Try keep your lower body as still as possible during your putting stroke with taylormade rocketbladez irons. Putting your weight mostly on your left side will help stabilize you weight so you don't move. Have your feet square to your target line. This will make it easier to line your putter up to your target. One of the most over looked parts of the putting stroke is your head. Align your eyes over the ball as much as possible. This will give you a better look at the line. It will also help you to line up to your target easier. I would suggest to turn your head slightly to the right, so your left eye is over the ball more than your right. This helps no peeking before you hit the ball with rocketbladez irons. Keep your head as still as possible. When you pick your head up, or peek, this will open your putter face. Keep it still and don't look up and hold your finish until the ball goes into the hole or stops. Get a comfortable grip, a comfortable stance, keep wrist and head quiet, use your shoulders to swing the putter and hold your finish with your head still looking down at where the ball was. This will lead to better putting and lower golf scores. Practice, practice, practice and your handicap will get lower. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 30, 2013 | post #1)


Golf - How to Hit with Clubs

If you're like a lot of people who are beginning to golf because it is a great way to have a good time with friends and have fun outside during the summer months, but you need some advice and some helpful tips before you hit golf school or online golf school then you should take some of these tips to help you understand the game better and have a much better time than you might if you had no idea what you were doing on the course when you finally do get out there. This is important not necessarily just for you but for the other people who may have been involved in the sport with 712 cb irons for a very long time they are very fond of procedure and it is also these procedures that keep things running smoothly and the most people happy on the course, and if these people get upset they may become angry with you and it is best to avoid conflict with them by learning a little about general rules and methods before you go out onto the course so that you can respect the game as well as others. One of the first things you will want to know is how to hit with your clubs, and although there are definitely some things that are small and minute but that effect your swing and the way the ball goes, the basics of your titleist 712 cb irons are pretty simple and are pretty easy to figure out using simple physics. For starters, when you use a driver, the long shaft and big head of the driver make it ideal for giving you the leverage and the force necessary to hit the ball long distances, so you'll want to make sure that you get full extension of your arms when you connect with the ball, and your stance is important too because if the ball is right in the middle of your feet you, you will hit it at about a forty five degree angle and the closer the ball is to the front foot, the more time you will have to swing at it before the titleist ap1 712 hits it and so it will hit it on the upswing, making the ball go higher than otherwise. Another important thing to think about when you hold the club it to keep your palms out and to point your thumbs down so your arms can move more smoothly and more powerfully as you rotate your hips through when you swing with titleist ap1 irons review and to help keep it less jerky movements and better swinging. Another thing you will want to do is to make sure that you are trying to keep the club face perpendicular to the way you want the ball to go if you want to hit a straight shot, as opening and closing the club face will make the ball go right or left of where you want it to go, and keeping your eye on the ball and keeping your head down for a moment after you hit it will be good for your swing too. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 30, 2013 | post #1)


Golf - Don't Hit the Ball So Hard

If you are a newcomer to the World of golf, there are a few misconceptions that you need to work on getting out of your mind, and probably one of the most common is the misconception that golf is all about hitting the ball as hard as possible to get it from the tee to the hole in as few attempts as you can. Obviously it's true you don't want to be taking too many shots to get to the hole but you don't want to be wasting the energy in your muscles trying to hit the ball hard. Don't forget there will be a lot of shots to play in a round of 18 holes. Power is the not what you're after. The main things to concentrate on are stance, accuracy and equipment. Lets take the last of those three first. A lot of the distance that you will achieve with the golf ball comes from the technology involved in creating your golf club. How flexible is the shaft? What is the head made from and how flexible is the face? Are you able to swing the club in such a way that it doesn't throw you off balance? Is it heavy enough? Is it light enough? There are lots of things to consider, but the one thing you shouldn't necessarily do is choose a golf Ping G20 Combo Set because someone else has success with it. Your golf clubs are a personal choice. You are only interested in whether or not they will work for you, not someone else. Take the opportunity to try a few out before you buy. Every time you line up to hit a ball you should go through a setup routine for the shot to ensure you have to correct stance. If you start your shot with g20 irons for saleby standing in the wrong position then the ball will likely end up in the trees or in a bunker, no matter how much you spent on your clubs. Once you are set in your proper stance for taking the shot, let your club do the work. Your swing should be natural, not forced through the power in your shoulders and arms. Ensuring that you have the correct equipment and the correct stance will lead to more accuracy in your shots, and I'm not necessarily talking about where the ball ends up after you hit it either, although that will naturally follow. I'm talking about accuracy between club and ball. If your stance leads you to a comfortable swing where you can watch the centre of the club face of ping g25 irons onto and through the ball along the line you want to hit it then you will find your ball travels further and ends up where you want it to. Remember, there are a lot of variables when it comes to the game of golf and you aren't going to master them all overnight. It takes a lot of time and practice to get good at this game with g25 irons for sale and it is best to approach it one step at a time. Keep taking on board the various tips you will pick up along the way and as you practice more and more then you will find that the ball goes further and further and your shots will get more and more accurate. Don't spoil everything you are going to learn by trying to hit the ball to hard. It will undo all of your careful preparation. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 29, 2013 | post #1)


Turn Your Amateurish Golf Swing Into a Top Class Pro Act

In this article I shall concentrate on passing on a few very handy golfing tips to improve your swing. Get more distance by passing the pole You must make use of a proper weight shift if you desire maximum consistency and distance. There is a pole planted into the ground and the ball is resting on it at its address. Now you have to place your left shoulder just behind the ball without even a slight sway of the hips. When you are in a position like this, it is considered as ideal for initiating the downswing with ghost spider putter. When you do the follow through, the right shoulder of yours has to shift past the imaginary pole and the golf ball. If you are able to do all these properly, you can perform weight shifts and good turns equally well. You must remember the practice area Do you know the importance of the practice area? Any pro golfer who wishes to win the tournament will check out the practice area before moving on to the first tee. Surely, I don't need to repeat that you too should do the same if you have an iota of seriousness in you. Now don't start worrying how you strike the ball in the practice area. Rather use the practice area to loosen your muscles and for warming up your body. Then when you become ready to hit with taylormade ghost spider putter, you have to start off with a wedge. Then slowly you have to work your way down till you reach the driver. Again, when you finish off, you have to use a few wedges again. You may feel all these are unnecessary but do you know, these promote a good feel and tempo, they can prevent you from getting injured and you can strike the ball with perfection as well? How to get hold of an improved swing stance? When you start to widen your stance further and further as many other amateur golfers do, it increases stability on the one hand and on the other hand generates a lateral movement which can result in an involuntary swing with taylormade atv wedge. You can acquire an improved swing stance by doing the barrel drill. You have to start off with an approximate stance that must be shoulder width apart. Then you have to swing the taylormade atv wedge review in such a manner that if there were two poles planted on each side of you just beside your shoes, you would never touch the poles. For this you need to do a full turn. Then you have to envisage yourself swinging in a barrel and this will ensure low scores. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 29, 2013 | post #1)


The Mental Game of Golf Laws

Mistakes are human and it's just that simple. To judge yourself by a standard of no mistakes is plain stupid. This does not mean I don't want you to work on making less mistakes and making your misses better, because I do but if you are going to beat yourself up when you make a mistake, you've got it all wrong. Pro's don't hit more than a handful or two of shots in a round exactly like they intended. Have you ever hit a shot that ended up being great but you didn't mean it? A golf Pro may be aiming at the safe side of a green and mishit it with muscle back irons slightly, the ball flying straight at the pin and ending up close. It's a great result but not an intended result. Even the golf Tiger Woods plays when he wins contains many mistakes, some of them severe by his standards but he doesn't allow them to impact on his self belief, self esteem or (really importantly) his self image. The seasoned Pro knows that he will make mistakes and learns to accept that this is an inevitable aspect of golf with best muscle back irons. It's not that they focus or think about it, but they have the capacity to accept it and this gives them the ability to move on to the next shot without carrying the negative emotions of a bad shot with them. All golfers have ups and downs not only from one round to the next but also during a particular round. Yes there are some rounds played beautifully but they are more the exception and even these will contain some mistakes, a missed green or even a short putt with mp-58 irons for birdie. The capacity you have to cope with mistakes will dictate the level of the downs and help influence the ups positively. If you can keep your emotions in check and stay calm and confident then the mistakes will be handled properly, reducing the shots dropped. Golf and mistakes go together. Don't expect perfection on any given day or from your golf in general because you are not going to get it and expecting it is setting yourself up to fail. It's a no win situation that will hold you back from playing free and easy, the only way to play to your full potential Do expect mistakes as part of your overall philosophy to golf with mizuno mp 58. This will help you to accept them when they happen and will allow you to forgive yourself for being human and then forget the mistake and move on. Remember that I am not saying you must think about making mistakes, far from it. You think about playing well and hitting great shots and this will increase the likely hood of you making more great shots but you cannot expect to play golf perfect. It is the underlying philosophy that it's OK to make a mistake and then move on that you must make a part of your game so you can play with freedom and happiness. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 29, 2013 | post #1)


Are You in Search of the Best Putting Technique?

Golfers around the world use so many different techniques for putting. In fact, there are several tactics that golfers swear by during putting, and for some, these tricks work like magic. But for both amateur and pro golfers, putting is often a very difficult process indeed. There are certain basic tips of putting that all golfers should remember, so read on for three very important ones to remember. If you can master these, no one can stop you from becoming an expert! 1. The first technique to master is how the gripping technique. To improve on putting, you'll have to practice two grips, the first being the conventional or normal one, and the second being the cross handed grip. In the latter gripping position, your left hand is to be kept below the right, which keeps your wrists tight and strong when you hit the shot with callaway diablo edge irons. This position also helps the stroke by keeping the club face square. 2. The second important technique to concentrate on is the line along which you hit the stroke. The right stroke that qualifies for successful putting is when it is hit along a straight line and at a smooth angle. There are two ways whereby you could improve on your line. The first is preferred by most golfers, and says that during the hit with diablo edge irons, the club face must be positioned at a square angle from the line. The second way to improve your putt is by hitting a closed stroke instead of an open one. For those golfers who prefer the cross handed stroke to the normal one, keeping the club face square is the technique that will suit them. 3. Being a golfer means having to stand in the arena all day, and therefore a lot depends on how well you are able to understand the environment you're in. many golfers have good stroke sense, but lose out owing to their inability to assess the greens. While putting with taylormade rocketbladez irons, the trick is to gauge the distance your shot has to cover in order to get to the highest point. Missed putts also occur when golfers don't play break shots. 4. To start off, begin your practice with 4-footer putts, till you get the hang of it. Besides helping you get the perfect shot with rocketbladez irons, this will also make you comfortable when you're out to hit those big shots. Putting is difficult, there's no doubt about that. It pays to practice hitting with the sweet spot on your club, which is the middle of the club; rather than calculating what shot will get you where. Concentration and patience will definitely get you the best shot; hit right through the sweet spot on your club to just the point you want it to. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 29, 2013 | post #1)


Improving Club Control

Club control is the ability to hit the ball how you want to, when you want to. If you want to hit the ball low, such as when the wind is against you, you can keep it low. If you want to hit the ball high, such as when the wind is with you, you can it high. You can hit the shot you need to hit on command. That's club control. Golf Tip #1: Distance and Accuracy Players with low golf handicaps know how to shape their shots. Players with high golf handicaps don't. When we think of shot shaping, we usually think of hitting a drawwith Ping G20 Combo Set or a fade on command. But there's more to club control that just that. In fact, there's whole other dimension to it-knowing how to hit for distance or for accuracy. Golf Tip #2: Lean the Shaft Forward. If you want to learn to control your shots more effectively around the green, you must do two things. One is setting up with a narrower stance than usual. A narrower stance lets you avoid flubbed shots-a common error among players with high golf handicaps. The other is leaning the shaft forward. Golf Tip #3: Keep Your Head Up It's not uncommon to tell yourself to keep your head down after flubbing a shot. That's not necessarily good advice. If you keep your head down, chances are good you'll hit a slice with g20 irons for sale. Keeping your head down restricts your body turn. This in turn means your arms and upper body will lift upward instead of going around, creating an upright, outside-to-in swing path and producing a slice. It also can lead to neck and back injuries. Golf Tip #4: Spread Your Feet Wide Optimum control is not an issue when playing a bunker shot with a downhill lie. But there's no way you're not going to play for the flag, which takes a degree of control. The tendency with this type of shot is losing your posture when swinging with ping g25 irons, making it difficult to make solid contact. To pull the shot off, you need a stable base from which to swing. To achieve stability, spread your feet a little wider. Feeling some firmness and pressure in your legs also helps. With a slightly wider stance and some pressure to bear, you won't lose your posture and you'll make solid contact with g25 irons for sale. Don't forget to swing with the slope. These four golf tips help you make solid contact by improving club control. Good club control translates into good shotmaking. And good shotmaking, combined with the right course strategy, translates into lower scores. If you want to achieve a low golf handicap, you must find a way of generating lower scores consistently. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 28, 2013 | post #1)


Unlock the Secret Code to a Powerful Swing

When it comes to having a powerful swing many golfers miss the point. The point is this, it's all about the "impact zone", do what you will, miss the sweat spot and the show is over. You might get away with it from time to time... but if you screw up the club face in the "impact zone", you will never truly break the code to accuracy and distance. Accuracy and distance is what it's all about, the only way you can unleash the power potential of your swing, is by hitting the "sweet spot" with callaway diablo edge irons. We all know that feeling when you strike the ball and know its "perfect ". Wow! what a feeling, especially if your a "golf nut" like me. These are the shots that keep bringing you back time after time no matter what you end up scoring. So how do you get there? Unfortunately there is no map - because no two swings are the same. What you can do is make "your swing" with diablo edge irons, simple. How, you may ask? By focusing on the fundamentals rather than sweating the details in the aimless pursuit of "perfection ". That's right, quit struggling with the minor leagues and focus on the big picture. The secret code to a "wicked swing" lies in and around "thirty six inches", 18 inches before the ball and 18 inches after. This in effect is known as the "impact zone". This is where your focus should be, and you need the fundamentals to ensure you get the club face of taylormade rocketbladez irons square at impact. The fundamentals relate to the "set up". What I want to point out here is this, don't copy other swings, instead get your swing "right for you". We all have different physical capabilities so its silly trying to follow someone else's swing with rocketbladez irons. Instead understand the "impact zone" and simply make it possible to be square at impact. Let your club and your body naturally work together, do not force the club to work for you. To conclude, the less mental and physical effort you employ, the more power you will unleash in your swing. Let the natural forces of your club and body work together without your head getting in the way. It's like those guy's who robbed the bank, they did it because, "that's where the money is". The true power of the swing is right in the "impact zone". More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 28, 2013 | post #1)


How to Power Up Your Swing For Amazing Explosive Distance

What if you could add amazing powerful distance to your swing, do you think you would be interested? The simple answer is "yes" you would... but behind it all there is that nagging thought - that it's just not possible. The fact is that it is possible, no matter how big or small you are. To do it you need to focus on the fundamentals and simplify your swing. Stop sweating the details in an endless pursuit of perfection. Instead take the effort out of your swing, simplify it, such that when you step up the ball there is no doubt in your mind that you can execute the shot with 712 cb irons with both accuracy and distance. Forget about the Pro's and instead uncover the fundamentals that can deliver powerful results. Remember that no two individuals will approach each shot the same way, nor will two pro's, your swing will be unique to you. So you do not need to copy the "big shots" you just need to understand that the most important part of the swing with titleist 712 cb irons is the "impact zone". That is the only thought that should enter your mind as you set out on your quest to simplify your swing and get mind blowing results. Lets talk about the fundamentals because after all that is what you need to focus on. The first is "set up" getting yourself in position to get the club face right at impact. Rather than sweating the details, just keep one thing in mind when it comes to any swing with titleist ap1 712.... and that is the "impact zone". The thirty six inches before and after the ball. Eighteen inches before and eighteen inches after for a total of 36. The next is your spine angle, getting your posture correct for near perfect balance. The next is to focus on your spine as the "axis point", this will be central to your body around which everything will rotate. Last but not least is to let the club do the work, to explain that, let the weight of the titleist ap1 irons review cock your wrists naturally, let the club naturally rotate around the axis without effort. Then let your body naturally turn into the shot where the club will naturally fall into the impact zone. To conclude, stay focused on the fundamentals and let your swing naturally develop, by keeping it simple, rather than trying to "perfect it". Before you know it your swing will harness tremendous power that will produce explosive distance. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 28, 2013 | post #1)


How to Read the Greens Before You Putt

Most amateur golfers are not taking the time to read the green before they hit a putt. They should have looked to see how steep that slope was or why they did not see they were into the grain. Majority of all putting greens in the world are built lower in the front of the green and higher in the back. This is to hold incoming shots from the fairway and also the problem of drainage. The game with ghost spider putter would be unfair if the greens were built higher in the front and lower in the back. Follow the following step-by-step method on reading greens every time you walk on a putting green you will become a putting genius very soon: Step Number One: When you walk on to a putting green walk directly over to your golf ball, mark it and head straight to the back of the putting green with taylormade ghost spider putter. You would get a better perspective from the back of the green looking back to the front of the green. Step Number Two: Check whether your ball is above the cup, below the cup or across from the cup. Above the cup means your ball is between you and the cup, the low side of the cup means the cup is between you and the ball and across from it means the ball is level with the cup (from where you are standing). Also, check if your ball is on the right side of the cup, left side of the cup or in line with the cup. This would allow you to determine whether your putt is fast, slow or medium speed and also whether your putt is going to break left, right or go straight. The following putting drill would further help you in your putting: This drill is to help you judge the distance of your putt through feeling it with your body and your hands instead of looking. Put three golf balls in front of you, next to each other so that you can putt the balls with taylormade atv wedge one after the other. Start putting the first ball about 15 to 20 feet away from the hole while keeping your head down. After putting the first ball, and without lifting your head, try to putt the second ball followed by the third ball, all this time keeping your head down. The idea is to use the feel of your body and your hands to judge and repeat the distance of your first putt with taylormade atv wedge review without having to look up to see how and where the balls have gone. You only look up after you've finished putting the third ball. This is one exercise you can do at home, on the putting green or wherever you like. You can even do it without a hole because all you're doing is putting for distance. More information welcome to http://www.heygolf  (May 27, 2013 | post #1)