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May 9, 2014

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Child Abducted from IN taken to KY...No Justice.

What would you do if your own child was kidnapped from you by your own flesh and blood, and then was sent across state lines to stay with his STEP that's right STEP grandmother while you had full custody. What would you do if you had to go to court in one state only to find out your baby was kidnapped and sent to another state and the judge in your residence state tells you to file your child as a missing person? What would you do if you filed your baby missing and then was told by the Indiana State Police that you can go pick your son up in the other state, Only to find out when you get there that they won't give you your child because in the new state the paternity affadavit established rights to the father? What would you do if you went home after this news and cried your eyes out in order to sleep at night and get a knock on your door from CPS when your baby wasn't even there? What would you do if the social worker informed you of the fact that you had court the following day in the other state and you were never even served ANY kind of paper by sheriff or mail? What would you do if you went to court the following day to find out that in order to keep you FROM getting your son that the people who KIDNAPPED him had the attorney general of their county file a protection order stating neglect as the reason? What would you do if you walked into the court room to find that your flesh and blood, the kidnapping party, and the fill in judge were all laughing before proceedings even took place? What would you do if EVERYONE from the criminals side was testifying AGAINST you and the judge would not let ANYONE testify for you? What would you do if the people who took your child was a MINISTER and lied under oath about you? What would you do if the Indiana State Police sent a letter to the judge of the other state which stated that your child was INDEED taken by someone with NO LEGAL relationship and that your child was supposed to be held until your arrival, and then given to you? What would you do if in that letter it stated that they wanted the names and addresses of the people who presented your child before the courts for prosecution for interference with custody, and instead the FILL-IN judge hears the case, dismisses the request from the State Police, and then finds your child DEPENDENT? What would you do if your child was then put into foster care and kept from you based on HEARSAY from the people who KIDNAPPED your child and your own family? What would you do if you were sent on a wild goose chase for almost two years with NO HELP, because you didn't have the money like the MINISTERS who were the ones who KIDNAPPED your child in the first place? What would you do if this was you??????  (May 9, 2014 | post #1)