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Jul 1, 2012

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Watch what you say on your DOT physical

Currently looking to get OUT of trucking for this and other reasons. Too much of a Pain In The Ass anymore. But doing it by choice while I still have one. Question is, if you are forced out because of a medical condition after YEARS of doing the job, and you're too young/broke to retire, what recourse do you have? This is an emotional, stress inducing issue for many of us. If you believe that you are your job, that who you are is what you do, what happens when you can no longer do that? Go hat in hand to the disability office for a check? To the unemployment office for job retraining? Based on the experiences of friends that tried that route, good luck with that. If you try to claim disability for a disqualifying medical condition, they'll likely tell you McDonalds is hiring, try there. Basically we made a bad career choice by not going to college to learn how to be an credentialed asshole.  (Jul 1, 2012 | post #140)