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Oct 7, 2012

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Ceres, CA

keyes bees vs manteca cowboys 9-29-12

To anyone commenting on this article, please keep comments clean, as our children may see our conversation. Let's act like adults, please, and keep profanity to yourself. On Saturday, 9-29-12, the Cowboys were our guest at our home field at Spratling Middle School. We have no restrooms, field goal posts, stadium seating or fancy concession stand for our players and families. We have canopies, lawn chairs and porta-potties. Every team can see this as they approach our field. Mr. Lopez, the had coach of the Cowboys and president of our league, knew of our field conditions when he arrived, we spoke, shook hands and he escorted is team onto the field. As usual, the varsity game was an on-your-feet, heart racing till the last whistle, play by play kinda game. We hit zero on the time clock. Tied game! The coaches were given the option of over-time or a draw. Mr. Lopez stated "let the kids play", and confidently walked back to his side of the field. More screaming, whistles blowing and cheering... The Bees win in over-time against the "undefeated " Manteca Cowboys... 20-19! We were so excited! After the game, Mr. Lopez wasn't so excited. He accused our VP of cursing his players and said he'd contest the game on that basis. Apparently, it didn't justify taking our win, so he then complained about us having no field goal posts. Ironically enough, none of his other squads, who had won their games that day, had any complaints. Obvious question being, had the varsity squad won, would Mr. Lopez still have complained and contested his teams' final score? I'm thinkin probably not. Mr. Lopez, I'm speaking as a parent, not a board member. I am wondering, now, if your "perfect record" for so many years in a row is not so untainted. Have your varsity players "won" every game for six years because they possess leadership and teamwork characteristics, have they "won" because of an amazing coaching staff and hard work? Or have they "won", Mr. Lopez, because you've contested every loss with some rediculous excuse? I'd personally be embarassed and ashamed to brag to my friends about a "perfect season" when everyone else around me would know the truth. ALL the children who played their hearts out that saturday are winners. The score was just the icing on the cake. Mr. Lopez, I'm asking you to justify your actions, considering no other team who's ever lost on our field in three seasons, has ever contested a game. Teaching kids that unsportsmanlike conduct is the appropriate way to handle things, is not what the Keyes Bees are about. We teach our kids that the efforts you make on the field, are what wins the game. A true team effort is when the players and coaches come together and give 100% at every game. We do that. Your players do that, Mr. Lopez. It's unfrtunate that you're not following suit. Kudos to the parents who've taught their children right.  (Oct 9, 2012 | post #1)

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