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Jan 24, 2010

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Bedford, PA

Join the Community Watch of Bedford County today!

The Community Watch of Bedford County is currently being developed with the help of nationofneighbors. com. We encourage you to sign up and become actively involved! Areas in Bedford County currently lack any organized crime/neighborhood watches. It is difficult to organize and get involvement for these groups to begin with. Also, with our area being vastly spread out and populated, resources just don’t seem to be available. This is where The Community Watch of Bedford County comes in! Members of this group are everyday citizens going about their everyday business. They want to ensure the safety of their families, neighbors’ and friends’. They want an active line to law enforcement officials in the county and to assure that the crime rate stays low and continues to make Bedford County a great place to raise a family and call “home”. Make no mistake; this is a massive task at-hand. It’s difficult to organize a small community watch, let alone a whole entire county. It can and will be done though! Future goals of this group include: Building and maintaining an active, good rapport with law enforcement agencies in our county (Including Bedford, Everett, Saxton, Hopewell Borough Police Departments. Also with the Sheriff’s Department, Pennsylvania State Police, and the Bedford County Drug Task Force.)* Being able to share information and receive alerts about suspicious and criminal activity in your area of the county. After becoming a member, Report anything that negatively impacts public safety or security and has a potential effect on more than yourself that you have first-hand knowledge of. You can also report any activity that your community would like to collect data on. Accidents, suspicious activity, stray animals, crime, drug activity, gang activity, graffiti, and illegal dumping are a few examples of acceptable reports. Missing pets and missing persons reports may also be filed with the group. Your report, along with any photos you attach, will be shown to members near the location you choose on your report. Anyone can share information anonymously by reporting it on The Community Watch of Bedford County site. A report ties a specific event to a specific location. Reports are broadcast instantly (once approved) to all members whose alert settings match the incoming report as well as all participating local law enforcement. Right now to make this group become successful we need creditable members from all parts of Bedford County. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us! Once we develop a good baseline membership, we will begin to develop our relationship with law enforcement of the county. Remember, it’s free to join and doesn’t involve that much time and effort. We recognize that the above mentioned law enforcement officials do a great job serving our community. However, they cannot be all places at all times. This is where you come in and act as eyes and ears of the community. Let’s all join together to make Bedford County even safer. Also, let’s keep it a great place to raise a family as well as retire! Encourage your fellow residents of Bedford County to sign up and become contributing members today! Visit http://www.nationo munity/PA/bedfordc ounty * Please note the mentioned law enforcement agencies have no connection at the present time with the CWBC.  (Jan 24, 2010 | post #1)