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Jan 20, 2012

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Livonia, MI

Gay Straight Alliance Club Taking Over?

Concerned citizen is right, we can no longer ignore the powerful secret organization that is The GSA. I wanted to keep this silent my whole life, but I am being compelled by Concerned Citizen's truthful words to come forward today. I was one of the students that was experimented on by GSA and Dave (their master scientist, DNA-manipulating high school teacher). They manipulated my genes to force me to be straight. I complained and told them I did not want to be straight, but they threatened to defile my face with a cheek tattoo of Jesus on the cross. I acquiesced and they carried out their foul experimentation in the very high school classroom where they deny God as creator. To this day I yearn to be gay, but their experiments have closed off that part of me forever. I cannot love a man, I am incapable of being aroused by the sight of anything but the adult female form. It is a painful curse, and I see now that I have to do anything I can to stop this underground super-power from making other people like me irreversibly straight. This unholy alliance must be stopped! I will thus be leading a protest on Sunday (The Lord will give us strength on his day), January 22 at Schoolcraft college. Come out in force people, armed with signs (suggested slogans, "Let me be Gay!", "Quit turning off my Gay Gene", "Leave my Happiness alone!"). Please RSVP on here, and say if you will be bringing a sign or not. If you don't have time to make a sign but will be showing up, I can make one for you. I have nothing but time and sadness now that I've been forced to be straight.  (Jan 20, 2012 | post #13)