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Dec 31, 2012

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Alamogordo, NM

Breast Implants

My sister just got breast implants almost 4 months ago, she has healed up pretty good. However she had less breast tissue than you because she was a B cup and you are a D so I'm not sure how the healing process would work for you. Good Luck, I think you should do it. That would be an awesome gift, and if you guys ever wind up not together then I guess the next guy would enjoy them. Its a win win situation. Saline is more safe than silicone. With Saline, if you have a leak then the breast will completely deflate and obviously you would notice it,and also it wont do any harm to your body if it happen to burst or have leak. With silicone it is more harder to detect a leak because it is a thicker substance. However, Silicone looks and feels more natural than saline. It's up to you. Good luck!!  (Dec 31, 2012 | post #97)

Alamogordo, NM

Breast Implants

If you feel that your boyfriend would be happy if you increase your breast size, then go for it. Have you done any research on the doctor who is going to perform the surgery? And how soon is your boyfriend's birthday?  (Dec 31, 2012 | post #93)

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Do women want men that have " much experience " ?

For me personally, I dont think that is true. I think it's sexy when a man isnt that experienced. It really depends on the woman though. If the guy has a personality that matches mine or is compatiable with mine, and is attractive to me, who cares if he isnt that experienced with sex. On the other if he had alot of partners in the past, it would turn me off (i'm talking like 10+). But again, that's only how I feel, different women have different standards when if comes to the opposite sex.  (Dec 31, 2012 | post #2)

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Do most hispanic men find black women attractive?

I am biracial (Black and Italian), and I have always been interested in hispanic men. I havent approach one because, well there isnt too many around where I live. I love the hispanic culture, and the accent is so SEXY. However, I was wondering how do most hispanic men feel about dating black women? When I do see a hispanic man dating someone outside his ethnic background, its usually a white woman, why?  (Dec 31, 2012 | post #1)