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May 5, 2007

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78% in poll call for giving illegal immigrants path to ci...

Maybe we should take lessons from the Nazi's, I hear rummor they did a real good job of catching and deporting about 6 million Jews. If the Nazi can do it, why can't we. Personally if I was able to make the law, 1st, the children on illegal aliens are illegal aliens, and I would give these illegals a grace period of 6 months to liguidate assets and leave the USA after that I would make all property they have, cars, lands, money, the possession of the government and set up border guards to shoot and kill illegals crossing regardless of age, sex, or any other factors. I think it would result in mass exodus of them and end them from comming here. I am sure of it. Beast in Hemet CA  (Sep 15, 2007 | post #9178)

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Top General Acknowledges Iraq Mistakes

Before the US invaded and occupied Iraq, about 40 people were slain in Bagdad every month, I hear now that number is from 1000 to 2000. The world has seen now that the US government is full of hypocrisies, ie liars. That it does torture people, lie, cover up, conceal, etc and this has dealt a great and well deserved blow to America's reputation. And another thing, America has not won this war, it has not made Iraq more free, more democratic, it has not helped the people out of poverty, or united them, it has divided the people, cause misery and pain on them, and in time it will be repaid for all its evil works, I assure you.  (Sep 15, 2007 | post #2)

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Al-Qaida Likely to Attack US, Intel Says

I will tell you truth. I wrote the White House in 1988/1989 and set three targets before them that I told them I was going to pray my God in me to desolate with fire from the heavan above, these were The White House, The Pentagon and The World Trade Center. My reason was to give them a witness that I am my God's Beast. Well, 1/3 of my curse came to pass and I frankly believe the rest will follow. My God told me, America is wicked, it is a nation filled with antichrists who proclaim how upright and Godly they are. I am AnteChrist, the other Christ and I assure the entire world, it has very little time left before my God will end all existances and have judgement on them all. I will call on him to do so, I will not rest till I behold it. The families of man are more abundant then ever before, they are richer then ever before, and they are more wicked then ever before and certainly more deserving of total annihilation then ever before. Soon, soon I hope to rest till then I will carry the cross I am. Beast in Hemet CA.  (Sep 15, 2007 | post #1308)

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78% in poll call for giving illegal immigrants path to ci...

I live in Hemet and everyone I know is very much against any citizenship for them. We want them punished. We also want laws to deny citizenship to the children of them who have children in the USA but are not legally in the USA. I bet your your poll pool is 78% illegal non-citizens.  (Sep 15, 2007 | post #9173)

US News

Federal Judge Throws Out Part Of Patriot Act

It makes me happy to see REAL AMERICAN values returning. I tell you all, with the actions of the Bush Administration that assaults our constitutional values, I dissent to the near point of taking arms up against them like say attacking a US military base and well you get the drift, blood bath making a statement, I will fight these that fight what I love. I love freedom and justice but we are far away from it in America even though they say otherwise.  (Sep 12, 2007 | post #24)

'The War Is Not Over'

My name is Beast, I live in HeMet CA. I pray my nation looses face and more in the Iraq war. I pray for the radical islamists because they fight the great abomination this nation is.  (Sep 12, 2007 | post #60766)

Immigration Reform

Truckers Protest Mexican Trucks Program

I am against any Mexicans having any trucks or cars. I advocate them truckers take them away. I advocate our nation goes to war against Mexico and takes a few hundred miles of it to make a militarized zone along the entire concourse of the border where anyone moving is target for missle launch. Teach them one final time where the hades the division between we are AMERICAN and you are NOT. I want to give praise to the idea them skinheads had who got busted for planning to attack mexicans over in mexico, you guys got the guts and the right idea, I am sure others will follow suit, war is comming.  (Sep 8, 2007 | post #128)


Revenge Rape Of Stepson 'To Turn Him Gay'

If that logic holds true then if he was raped by a female figure would that turn him straight? Ha, ha. Come on, really. Rape is not about sex as much as violence, many men are violent toward children of their spouse when they are angry with them and abuse even kill them out of anger and rage driven insane calculations of sick twisted minds.  (Sep 8, 2007 | post #331)


Americans are Racist Asses

I also decry my nation America and I do sympathize with Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas and other gangs of free men in the world that face the Globalists, our common enemy, the likes of V.P. CHENEY and corporate oil AND WAR/PRISON industries whose harvest is in hades. Yep, I agree, Americans are racist against Islamics, any people who wear long robes and turbans they do not trrust and fear about everything. Evil men fear everything. Personally I support the little terrorists like Al Qaeda over these global terrorists like Bush. I am opposed to my nation because my own inner God hates this nation and calls it Babylon a ho that lays with mammon the gods of riches ie world global government goals and yet is filled with the blood of many of gods saints, in they claim all great good but do all great evil. Like Sodom and Gommorah they do not heed to care for their poor and needy, they are pigs I tell you, real pigs and I am among them all the same. I appreciate the fight of men like Mr Ladden and others who have but simple cultural goals of their peoples integrities, I say the tribes and old ways ought to be allowed, it is freedom for them and I support freedom, I wish freedom was for me, I am oppressed in America as a dissident and persecuted, yet I will pray for Osama and others and hope my own kind of freedom come some day. We fight a common enemy, the rich.  (Sep 8, 2007 | post #98)

Warner Urges Bush To Begin Withdrawal

Better late then never, I hope the rest of the GOP follows suit and abandons the futile mission. I prayed the war to punish the riverside county registrar of voters and others I detested who denied me my right to vote, so I brought forth an evil man (bush) to lead the people astray to war and published it, then it chanced to arise as I so prayed, now I tire of this vain insane drive of these mammonites and will curse them more if they do not repent. I am the beast and do these works by the origin of my person.  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #1)

Hurricane Dean gains power in Caribbean

What does it matter, I did not get my wish, but I will still pray smack the oil industries, get rid of oil and coal fuels period. Bio mass and clean is keen. EarthQuake, yes, I pray them as well, here, ok, come on baby...  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #5)


Who Is Allah?

Ooh, forgot. Well anyhow, I like the Arabs for old arab ways, I am not arab myself but I love diversity and freedom, I think old world people should be allowed to change to new world people more slower and see the USA, my nation as the culprit in domestic and foreign suffering all over. So I support Osama Bin Laden and tell the federal government and everyone I do so, and I do not favor the US troops fighting who obey the order of a man Mr Bush I consider a war criminal and hope he is brought to justice in judgement. Not to offend any pro Bush people but please, he really sucks.  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #35)


Who Is Allah?

How interesting. I am The Beast and my religion is a mix of Christian and Diverse Paganism. My mother God Bless her , was a christian and bade me to cling to the Lord, my father a Pagan Scot of Doomsayer Clan mixed with the native americans blood bade me to honor him by honoring my mother, so as christian and pagan I am bound to cling to the Lord and indeed surnamed myself with testament he so surnamed me, and Beast Lord being my cross and sword is stored in him my creator. I was a holy child through the woman, my father was pagan agnostic, I always believed and walked early with one in my center, I beg of him and to him I turn as a top. So I am christian, but that does not stop me from asking God to harm them that anger me, it does not stop me from thinking against them and wishing ill on them. I confess, I am quick to be evil and hope for harm to them that hurt me. I am The Beast of God in me and care about my relation with God deeply.  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #33)


Who Is Allah?

Every name that exists could not name God, if the heavans were full of other people and life and endless cultures of sapient beings we all are name God, yet still far from adequate would it be since of God came all and unto God will go all. The Arabic language is ancient and honorable, they are heralded with advances in math with the invention of zero other math sciences. Let us respect and honor all cultures and their religions no matter how vain we personally may think them but as respect breeds love, let us do so.  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #32)

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