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Oct 14, 2008

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Chicago Tribune

Chicago Bears' Zack Bowman staking claim to starting job

Bowman is a real gamer and our Bears need to acknowledge this and get him on the field as a starter. This has been a problem for Lovie and J.C. in more ways than one Too much favoritism has made other productive players take a back-seat (Anthony Adams,Jamar Williams,Brandon Rideau and Kellen Davis to name a few.)Lets hope that they've finally seen the light when it comes to our own roster.... over-hyped free agents, high draft status and contracts aside, I'll take the blue collar "working man's" baller every time!!!! Here's to a great 2009 Season Bears fans!!!!!! GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Aug 2, 2009 | post #10)

Chicago Tribune

Off-season additions give Chicago Bears a huge boost

David, How can you give Vasher an out when this guy is a terrible corner? If they manage to keep him when its apparent his injuries have eroded his questionable ability, it will be out the Bear's desperation. They were running more, so he couldn't what, play football? You expect Cutler to aid in his defensive skills, right! He is neither a run stuffer as you stated, nor is he a cover corner either. Most of the "interceptor' s" picks are not a result of his shut-down coverage skills, so I ask you, when exactly did he become an asset? Nates a good guy, but a terrible corner, be true to your readers. BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Apr 11, 2009 | post #13)

Chicago Tribune

Packers, Lions likely to change defensive schemes

4-3 or a 3-4, it still boils down to talent, execution and coaching philosophy, whether it's Dick LaBeau, Rex Ryan or Jim Johnson. The Packers and Lions are in the same boat as the Bears, but they actually have an excuse, given a change in scheme. Let's see how long this transition takes them to adjust to the changes in their front seven, (Bears included!) GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #2)

Chicago Tribune

10 things David Haugh knows about the Chicago Bears

Are you even a Bears fan? Where have you been the last twenty-some years. I never stated Kyle wasn't our guy but a REAL Q.B. competition in the off-season is exactly what this organization has needed for a long time. I'm an Orton guy who hopes he pans out and gets the nod but I know how this story has ended before and there's no excuse for sitting on talent when you should be PLAYING it! Stupidity has cost us a Superbowl by an inability to recognise and adjust the Q.B. position and now they posses the opportunity to correct that trend.  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #35)

Chicago Tribune

10 things David Haugh knows about the Chicago Bears

ryan, your a viqueens fan, and you of all people don't have the right to call ANYBODY an idiot. Castle is a FIRST TIME PLAYER and that was the point I stated in regards to Hanie and his eventual opportunity to show his skills. Your coach and lousy team wouldn't know squat about Q.B.'s anyway which is painfully obvious so go back and cry to someone of your own intelligence level, you know, a fellow Viqueen fan and learn a thing or two about real football in the N.F.L. while your at it. P.S. Manning's returns in the short term over Hester's body of work, now who's the IDIOT  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #34)

Chicago Tribune

10 things David Haugh knows about the Chicago Bears

David, I like the insight on the receivers and if they continue to focus on this unit, the Bears WILL find they're guys. I agree that Devin should be back where he belongs, not only playing wide receiver, but on ALL return teams as well. Also, I think this defense is built for sport turf. Our "D" linemen are quick and light and this should prove out for them to dictate in Min. as long as they play AGRESSIVLEY in the Viqueen's backfield instead of waiting for Peterson and their offense........... ... Here's a few thoughts of my own: 1. The defense is better off without vash. He was enabling Lovie to keep playing him despite a better corner in the making in Graham. Nathen's play since his injury last year was unacceptable considering his new contract. This should allow Corey to show the Bears what he's all about, just look at how this guy has excelled on special teams. He's a football player. He needs to see the field as much as he can. He's a solid tackler and could probably even play either of the safety positions in a pinch. A Lot more up-side without all of the baggage. It wouldn't hurt to let Craig Steltz play an increased role either. 2. The Bears defense is NOT as bad as they've led everyone to believe, regardless of the stats, ( and no, I'm not smoking anything.) This unit lacks consistent AGGRESSION, HEART and PASSION for true Bears football and as Mike Brown put it so bluntly, " when we finally realize that we're not as good as we think we are, we'll start playing better" is the medicine they should have been taking back in week 2 ! Thank you Mike for saying what needed to be said. Lets hope it hit a nerve with your teammates and wasn't spoken too late. It's sad to fathom that these men need such motivation when you consider they're livelihood and the spoils that come with it! 3. Kyle Orton WILL lead this team to wherever his TEAMMATES help him take them. He's more than capable of reading most defenses and running an efficient offense. With Matt forte, Greg Olson, Desmond Clark and co. doing their part, GOOD things are bound to follow. Even sceptics must agree that their much better than most thought they would be and they could yet parlay this season in to one to remember if they play their hand right. They wouldn't be the first team to do so. 4.Play Calebe Haney somewhere in the near future, (garbage time) because he IS the real #2. Rex has nothing to add to the success of this organization as he has proven this season. Moving forward, he should be phased out immediately! I don't want to hear about Caleb being a rookie either, ( can anyone say MATT CASTLE?) That crap has been used to keep good talent off the field in Chicago at MANY positions and has to stop! If Calebe poses as a good back-up, let him challenge to try to unseat Orton, it will ultimately bring back REAL competition at the Q.B. position in Chicago like any other successful franchise, not to mention it will add much needed stability immediately. This guy has a place in the N.F.L. and the Bears must have thought so too, so what's the hold-up? P.S. Where's Kellen Davis been and why not throw his way? 5. Bring on the Wildcat or any other formation practiced that will enable this offense to exploit the opposition with our present talent. Football games are WON by teams willing to take chances and we need to utilize this aspect just like other SUCESSFUL organizations. GET WITH THE TIMES! 6. Lastly, as a loyal Blue and Orange bleeder, here's to hoping they own up to their faults as mere talker's and bring " BAD THINGS" for A.P. and friends......... starting with a little EFFORT! GO BEARS,BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Nov 27, 2008 | post #3)

Chicago Tribune

Pressure on Bears to beat Rams

Rick, while I rarely agree with your point of view or the manner in which you voice it, I would have to agree with you here. Our Bears are "not the team they thought they were" and it's time to own up to what they've become. Last weeks game was the very reason that this must happen and soon because as bad as this has looked it can STILL be turned around,( you can stop laughing now!) As long as we have players with character like Mike and Alex Brown, Daniel Manning, Garret Wolfe and others, there's always a chance! SOME Bears players are still quality people despite big contracts to some who might not be so deserving. Let's hope that the "others" find their HEART and PASSION for great Bears football, before it's too late! GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Nov 22, 2008 | post #13)

Chicago Tribune

Brandon Lloyd hopes to play Sunday

Brandon Lloyd is a man who speaks as if we should all understand. I don't. Why has he taken so long to return from a relatively small injury as knee's go is a sign of his lack of toughness and a willingness to play with pain, ANY PAIN! NO ONE IS 100%! It's the norm in the N.F.L! While it's not unusual to rest an injury, ask yourself how it was so bad that he couldn't play for FIVE consecutive games. He walked off of the field under his own power already. I like Brandon a lot as a Bears receiver but I seriously question his commitment to this organization and to the success of this offense. It begs one to ask if there isn't a possibility that his contract plays a role in all of this somehow. I only hope that these incidents are nothing more than a misunderstanding, but based on his past I hold a little reservation as to his HEART!  (Nov 12, 2008 | post #3)

Chicago Tribune

Blaming Rex Grossman for Bears' loss misses point

Rick, you really need to awaken from that coma you seemed to have slipped into. Are you serious? Rex was DEFINITLY the reason the Bears lost. I realize the pass defense was atrocious and unacceptable, but it wasn't the deciding factor and you know it. First, Collins doesn't throw for 284 yds. if your Q.B. is even HALF as competent as his aged counterpart. The "three and outs" were courtesy of Rex's obvious inability to read a defense and his utter inconsistencies (what a shock!) How long can you stand there and hold the damn ball anyway! On one play alone, it was glaringly apparent when we ALL saw the way he pumped the ball and brought it back numerous times, without a clue as to what to do or where to go. Hence, in your reference to "Oz," you negated the most prominent role played on Sunday. Rex nailed the role of the scarecrow to a tee, although at this point I think a brain for Rex is a wasted organ! Does he seriously believe that Bears fans are that stupid and are willing to accept his lame- **** excuses. GO AWAY ALREADY! At LEAST be a MAN and take the blame for ruining an otherwise productive offense. Missing open receivers is NEVER o.k. and when you lack even the most remote ability to LEAD your team, regardless of the field position, it's no great surprise in the outcome. Second, playing Caleb Haney would have made more sense than watching your team dye a slow, painful death with Grossman that didn't have to occur. Caleb's mobility ALONE would have posed numerous problems for the Titans not to mention, his passes tend to find the receivers instead of confusing them! Haney hands down is a better athlete and doesn't bring the baggage. Why not write about are "sack-less " coaching staff and how they tend to play out their own b.s.(players included) to the bitter end, irrelevant to the facts. A Lot of tired fables with little accountability. Morrisey, you should really consider some accountability yourself in writing such a rag article and print the TRUTH instead. REAL Bears fans will never respect you or your column until you do!  (Nov 10, 2008 | post #47)

Chicago Tribune

Bears' Briggs: Stop blaming Babich

Bottom line people, it won't matter who we blame because it still falls at the feet of the players. I'm not trying to defend Babich, just being realistic. These players have had MONTHS to YEARS to digest this defense and it's intricacies and have lacked CONSISTANT progress to show for it! Blame Babich if you like, or even the scheme or the other defensive coordinators. Bottom line guys, lay the blame where it truly belongs. Our defense hasn't shown enough HEART and there's no sense of URGENCY, almost to a man with only a few exceptions. There are obvious flaws in the "cover 2" scheme, but they don't rely on each other enough (and I'm not surprised)and the otherwise risk/reward factors that this defense possesses aren't utilized. Instead, they choose to play soft on receivers and too much zone. Combat that with the obvious lack of presents up front and you have what you see today. Coaching can only take them so far. Whether it was Chico or Bab's at the helm, it is and will always be about their EFFORT, REGUARDLESS of the scheme. They got paid so why not bring the game that they claimed they could when they asked for all of that money,(you know who you are!) MAN-UP and do your J.O.B! If I gave that sort of commitment and backed it with all of the excuses that these guys have given, I would SURLY be unemployed! As a Bears fan, I'm embarrassed, and hopefully, they are too. A play here or there is unacceptable so Quit TALKING and start PLAYING before you seal our team's fate. BRING IT!!!! GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Oct 31, 2008 | post #11)

Chicago Tribune

Bears plan on taking Lions seriously

The offense is clicking. The defense is embarrassed, (and let's hope, MOTIVATED) and of ALL the opponents to come along! This "D" WILL look good against the win-less Lions, with or without Babich because they know what's ahead for them. They know it's a divisional game and won't get many chances like this to tune-up for the REAL test that lies ahead so I'm sure they'll make the most of it. It's that, or have to be the one to explain why you got beat by an awful team. I don't think so! Kyle and the offense WILL roll and Forte WILL stroll and the only question is whether or not they'll implement the mercy rule for this BEATDOWN! GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN and pound some Lion tail!!!!  (Oct 30, 2008 | post #41)

Chicago Tribune

No-huddle is a yes for the Bears

Dan, Thanks for the article and here's to your re energizing your fan base here in Chicago. I'm not sure where you were going with the ROOKIE comparisons in regards to the no-huddle. Kyle is in his fourth year and he's used it while with the Bears before. While I agree that the scheme is an effective change of pace, that's really all it is. Same plays, different pace with consistent success. With a series of formations and gadgets, it gives the Bears an attack that chews up yardage quickly and enables Orton and the offense to flourish (anyone who saw him play at Purdue can relate.) Secondly, to that Under rated offensive line play and an over achieving Q.B. some say,(even you) come on, NO WAY! It ALL boils down to EXACUTION, period! Whether the Bears choose to be in a hurry-up or to be methodical, run or pass, it's really about that one continuous level of concentration and cohesion that they must have if they want to continue to expand upon this aspect of attack offensively, even as much as it hand-cuffs the "D". These Bears have shown us that, and a little bit more. I personally would like to see the them expand their screen package, Forte being the obvious reason. Misdirection to help the O-line redirect the D-line and DB's in an effort to help the running game. If these guys have trouble taking it to people strait up, get them on the move! Substitution of players is hardly the answer, i.e.- Williams for St. Claire, St. Claire for Garza, etc., compared to sharp execution (which you only have the time to gain in training camp) and a willingness to overcome your opponents strengths, and your own weaknesses. (Defense,take note!) Lastly, this team WILL find a way to run the ball because they have to and they know if they don't, there won't be any play-off games, or a shot at possible redemption. If they would just give us back our defense, PLEASE, the rest will work itself out. Bring the passion and fury back with some solid consistency and if that doesn't work, they can give any excuse they want! I'd be willing to accept that as a LOYAL fan! We have a good thing going on here in Chicago and I hope the Bears recognise it before it's too late. GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Oct 29, 2008 | post #35)

Chicago Tribune

Bears rookie Williams ready to go, but O-line is doing ju...

People, a little logic, please. How would you propose they insert this Williams "wonder" anyhow? He hasn't done anything to warrant playing. How can you say the Bears should just trust in him, a ROOKIE mind you, and play this guy. You not only blow ANY cohesion you might have developed in training camp,(as irrelevant as some believe that is) but you will CERTAINLY cause the offensive line many new problems(and especially Kyle)in which they otherwise don't already have presently. Let's try to show a little patients when it comes to our "O" line. While I agree that they must show immediate improvement, they already possess what they need in the line that they have. These guys just need to bring it on Sundays and pan-cake some people! Bring the EFFORT and AGGRESSION! If they want it to happen, it's all on them to make it so. It may not be the long term answer, but it most certainly is the most logical decision available. Besides, Williams time will come soon enough. GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #40)

Chicago Tribune

Bears' Lloyd back to practice, but not predicting he'll play

It would be great to get Lloyd back as soon as possible. I think the guy is a play-maker and he, Kyle, and the offense click when he's on the field. He'll need some reps in a game situation though if he's gonna be ready for Tenn. I can see this offense getting it done with or without him, and that's been huge. It also helps to build depth, but he obviously brings more to the table than some of his teammates. I wonder how much his current contract plays into the expediency of his return? He seems real vague on his actual status or even the extent of his injury. I'm not saying he' a liar. just evasive. A debate left for another day, just a thought. The more weapon's, the better for Kyle and the offense. The more a defense has to study and adjust to. Here's to hoping that the offense picks up where it left off (along with Lloyd) and brings the running game with it! GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #7)

Chicago Tribune

Wannstedt: Pieces were in place "for three weeks"

Mr Greenstein, do us real Bears fans a favor and don't mention that slap in the face of a coaching attempt you call by Wannstadt ever again. PLEASE, unless it's to tell us of his karma crushing his spirit like that of so many fans that he ruined each Sunday, as I was one once, It's Seven years of my life as a Bears fan I can't get back, so don't punish me and those of us who still love them despite him. I never want to see his name involved with the Bears in any capacity again so if your a " **** " at all you should understand. Keep it real! GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #9)

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