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Feb 7, 2008

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The story behind 'Puff the Magic Dragon"

How many times does Peter Yarrow have to tell people that Puff is just a children's song and that the lyrics should be taken literally. He used to do a monologue where he said that all songs could be interpreted any way that the listener wanted. To show how absurd this concept could be, he showed how even the Star Spangled Banner could be interpreted as a drug song. I definitely believe Peter since he was one of the lyricists. Bboling2204  (Sep 19, 2008 | post #1)

Peter, Paul & Mary

Memorial concert for Vancouver mom, daughter in murder-su...

Peter Yarrow has well paid for what happened over 30 years ago. He is one of the finest persons. He has accomplished so many wonderful things, that most people probably could not have done even half as much. All he wants for the world is the best. He has a heart that everybody should try to emulate. What is wrong with that? What happened to him last year with that mother and daughter must have been extremely troubling to him. My heart goes out to him because he was so wonderful in befriending them and then the mother did all this to him and then killing the daughter and then herself. I can only imagine the emotions Peter must have felt after this. Please read the article that tells all the details of his relationship with the mother and daughter. How people can condemn him after reading this article says lots about themselves than about Peter. How many other people would be willing to do as much for these people as Peter did? One of the things that Peter disapproves of (and I totally agree with) is hypocrisy. People who condemn Peter for kind acts as this displays hypocrisy in its worst forms. Bboling2204  (Jul 4, 2008 | post #4)